We'll be together forever?

hi just i want to tell you that i fall in love she is born on 25/12 and iam 07/01 so both are same sgin.just i want to know that futer we will get merreid in our life eachother we will be together forever with love and if we are merreing how long it will take just to know from you my love life its true with me or not

thank you


Hi Sai,

Its really hard to tell.. I know what you feel…I was like you before but only time and God can tell…There are times that even if you have done everything, if you are not meant for each other, there’s nothing you can do… There are times you will end up falling in love or marrying with somebody you already know.. Could be a long time friend, could be her best friend, or your classmate before.. who knows.. Life is full of surprises.. just do everything to make your relationship lasts.. 

Wishing you all the best 🙂