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Thank you for visiting our site

Why this website was created?

Before I say something about this website, let me give you the reason why this website was created.

One time, when I went to the library, I stumbled upon this book something like “What Your Birthday Reveals About You” lying on the table where I was sitting while killing some time I opened it out of my curiosity. Then I checked my birthday meaning, there it talks about my personality, my character, my strengths, weaknesses and how to change it and make it as a good opportunity to improve. And what stuns me, is, it also talks about my health, possible health conditions, food that I want and should avoid, likes and dislikes, and even talks about where Im allergic to. I said “Wow”. I was amazed and fascinated. It all talks about me. How in a world this book knows about me?

So, I went home and thought about creating a website related to horoscopes and maybe I could help some people improve their lives by knowing their strengths and weaknesses and at the same time making this website as their guide for their astrological and horoscopes informational needs.

About MyAquariusVirgo.Com

Our website provides information mostly on two zodiac signs Aquarius and Virgo. It is because the owner is an Aquarian and my wife is in the sign of Virgo. Nevertheless, we also have some interesting videos to watch and articles to read related to relationship such as Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You, health, and beauty ,  and many more. Please do check it out from time to time as we add articles as the day goes by.

Furthermore, you can also check out their Daily Horoscope and for today’s horoscope, love, romance and flirting as well as career and money.

Send Us A Note:

For hardcore astrology and horoscopes fanatics and enthusiasts out there, if you have any suggestions that we can put in to this website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In fact, we will be glad if you do. You help us, you also help others provide relevant information.

We will do everything within our power to make this website as the no. 1 source of informational needs related astrology and horoscopes. If not, one of the best. 🙂

In the future:

We will also be adding more features, more sections, links to relevant websites, downloadable ebooks for free, as well as interesting information for other horoscopes and a lot more.

So feel free to bookmark or share with your friends about MyAquariusVirgo.Com if you find this website useful.

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