Ways to Tell a Guy Likes You

There are many ways to tell a guy likes you other than coming up to speak with you and asking you for a date. One way would be that every time you turn in his direction he averts his eyes. You know very well that he was staring at the parts of your body you displayed. If you were wearing sexy boots and a short skirt, that was the area he was assessing. When you were wearing that tight blouse that highlighted your strong points, his gaze would have been in that direction too.

In a situation similar to that of an office, the gentleman will always come over either to help you something or ask if any assistance is wanted. Other times he will begin a conversation on subjects he knows interests you.

If the man does not want to be sufficiently forward in asking the woman for a date, he will arrive at the same place in a circular fashion. He will say where he is going and if you were ever there. If you never went there, then he will invite you. It could be a movie or a sporting event.

You will see that he is uneasy when you are around. The way they talk, look at you, attitude and his demeanor it will change right away. His friends will notice it.

There is a study that I had read long time ago on the internet that their eye balls will get bigger. Try it yourself. Observe with your friends or to other people. You will tell to yourself that Im right.

Do not forget the many compliments he will heap upon a woman. From clothing to hairstyle, all will be praised. By now you know you are well liked by this individual. Either satisfy his desires or with tact let him know he is not your type. Doing this is an art, so if the guy really likes you let him off easy.


Check the video below that is worth checking..

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