Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman – My Aquarius Virgo

Virgo Man and Scorpio Woman

First thing first let’s talk about each sign.

The first one is Virgo man. This person is demanding with himself and others. Nothing can escape from his eyes. Because you’re demanding he is sure that everything he touches can be better. Then it comes from this that he cares with methods, attention to the processes everywhere. He is a hard-working person, he wants to improve everything around him. He believes that this is the secret of life. But to be like this requires a lot of discipline, it is because of this that everybody says that he is totally organized. He likes to take care of his body. Although it doesn’t look like it, this person is anxious. That’s why the stress can affect his health. Sometimes he is so anxious that he can be a hypochondriac.

  • About love

He is kind and calm when he is in love. Generally, he doesn’t take the first step, because he is afraid of rejection. When this guy has a crush on someone he starts to observe her. He starts to ask himself if this person is interested. If he realizes that you are interested he sends some little tips, like staring, a charming smile. When he is sure that you two are interested he cuts loose and starts to show your sensuality. Like the other sign from the earth, this man guides himself through the sensation. Because of this his touch and look are so enveloping. Virgo doesn’t demonstrate your love with speaking but with actions.

  • The kiss

Take your breath! The kiss from this guy is long and kind. This is because he wants to take back your breath. But don’t forget, public places he doesn’t like to show your privacy.

The second one is Scorpio woman. The detective of the Zodiac this person is called. She can deeply investigate human emotions. She likes to discover the most dept of the person. She is the explorer of the abyss. Everything can affect her, but she has a strong personality and takes the fear for herself. She doesn’t like to put out emotion. She thinks if she shows what feels it is a weakness. Outside she can look like a calm person, but inside…a tsunami of emotions. She must discover herself first, after she can help others.

  • About love

When she is in love, she loves deeply. Her way to love is devastating. Because of this, she expects the same feeling from the loved person. Without sex? No way. It is the way that she uses to communicate with who she loves. If she decides to date someone, it will be the person that messed up her emotions. She has seduction in her eyes and steals kisses isn’t out of her target. When she is dating she is ardent and devoted to her love. She is extremely jealous, so she needs to put a break in this impulse to enjoy life together.

  • The Kiss

She will make you lose your breath. She will make some movements to be more close to you until you too are one. It’s because it’s a sensual kiss. Nobody can be indifferent to her kiss.


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