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Top 7 Ways How to Please a Virgo Man In Bed

Is it your third date already? If yes, then this article is just for you! Get ready because your Virgo man might take you to home base this time. If not, you still need to read! Equip yourself with these tips so you’ll know what to do when your laid-back, serious Virgo boyfriend finally settles things with you in bed.

You might have noticed by now how pure and gentlemanly he is. Since Virgo is the sign of the virgin, he likes to establish a strong connection with you first before surrendering his sensitive self. It takes patience and mutual trust until both of you engage in something intimate. And if that moment finally arrives, here are some things you should bear in mind with your Virgo lover.

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  1. Take the lead – A Virgo man is a shy lover. Whenever you’re both in bed, he will rarely make the first move – even if he’s wanting it! Go on and take the lead, girlfriend. Ask him what he wants. Ask him what he needs. He’s the honest type of guy but he wants to keep his sexual desires bottled up. He doesn’t want to initiate things but surely, he’s down to doing the intimate if he knows you want it. Once he’s made sure you are both on the same page, brace yourself because the next thing you know, you are on your back with Mr. Laidback.
  2. He likes it tidy before you get dirty  – Cleanliness is of utmost importance for a Virgo man. He is a neat freak. It’s a big plus if you do the deed in a clean, clutter-free environment so that his focus is all yours. Hygiene is a huge turn-on for a Virgo man, so make sure that you have taken a nice long shower before you go pounce on him. He likes to stay clean and fresh so he expects you to be as well..
  3. Never miss a kiss – Make sure to up your kissing game! Your Virgo man wants sweet, romantic foreplay. He likes to take things slow so patience is key. Never skip this step but rather enjoy it with him. He wants to establish a connection with you and not just satisfy lust. Just as he does not do sex on a first date, once you’re both in bed, he likes to take his time and express his desire through passionate kisses.
  4. It’s all in the mouth – Who says he’s only good for kisses? He also wants to dig into youLady to attract Virgo man using his mouth. Remember he’s a neat freak so make sure your nether area is clean and free from odors. It’s a major turn-off if he detects foul smells down there. You can do him as well for your man likes to receive as much as he wants to give.
  5. He’s a worshipper – He’s touchy. Like for real. As a Virgo with Mercurial traits, he’s a natural-born explorer and he wants to explore every inch of your body as well. Let him be. Part of his long foreplays, he finds it romantic to carry you to bed, fondle and caress you to the best of his abilities. Don’t freak out. Show you trust him and return the favor by being touchy as well. Your sensitive lover has some very sensitive man-parts as well.
  6. Fancy your Fantasies
    He wants to experiment as much as you do. Virgo men might have suppressed emotional and sexual desires but it doesn’t mean it’s not there. He’s just waiting for you to tap into it. With you taking the lead, ask him what his fantasies are and experiment with new things to get spicy in bed. Tell him also what your fantasies are. He likes to know you deeper and enjoy the things you like as well.
  7. Talk. Talk. Talk.
    Communication is one of the foundations for establishing a good relationship with a Virgo man. As the intellectual, smarty-pants type of guy, he wants you to express your feelings – yup, even when you are down and doing the dirty. Do the talk. Not over-the-top talk, just the talk. Dirty talk once in a while. Verbal cues like your moans and affirmations establish a mental link with your man. Virgos are usually silent during sex because they are always thinking about what their partner is feeling. So tell him what you feel. He can go rougher if he knows you’ll like it too, you know. If you want some guidance, click here.

Making Sure to Score

Virgo men aren’t that hard to please in bed. They are quite simple actually. They take things slow and want everything to be in order. Just remember the three C’s of a Virgo man – Cleanliness, Consent, and Communication.

If you want to turn them on without even trying, use clean sheets or take him to a hotel. Show, or better yet, tell him you want to be intimate with him. Keep a healthy and open communication. He’s not only after the encounter but he wants to make sure to score for a place in your heart.

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