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Top 7 Signs an Aquarius Man is In Love with You, Guaranteed!

He holds your waist when you are walking on the sidewalk. He sometimes buys you a morning coffee with the words “Smile, Raggedy Ann” on a cute sticky note. He always asks you how your day went. It was never awkward with only the two of you inside the elevator. He never fails to make you laugh with his quirky jokes. You feel special. But then you realize, he does all of these things to all of his girl friends. And now you ask, “Is he really into me?”

Aquarian men are very hard to predict. With their playful and friendly demeanor, you’ll find it difficult to distinguish if they are flirting with you or treating you like a common friend. But with their unpredictability also comes vulnerability. They wear their hearts on their sleeves so sooner or later, the signs that they are in love with you will eventually show up. And if you want to stop guessing, here are some of the signs that your outgoing Aquarian “friend” wants to go the extra mile.

Aquarius Man In Love Be A Friend

  1. The Bestfriend What makes Aquarius men hard to understand is the fact that despite their friendly behavior with almost everyone they get to interact with, they hardly open up about personal stuff. It takes them a while to get close to another person. But if he’s into you, you’ll get past that wall easily and he’ll welcome you into becoming his best friend. He wants to establish with you his willingness to make you a significant part of his life and not just someone he happens to get friendly with.

  2. He’ll make you his Top Priority  Aquarius men like to spend time with their friends. Usually, they want to go on a road trip or watch a movie. But if he’s into you, he won’t just ask you to tag along. Rather, you’ll be the first one he’ll ask to spend time with him! This is how he shows how we want to be with you than anyone else on his friend list.  

  3. Never-ending Teasing – Teasing you is his form of love language. Aquarian men are actually high school boys inside. He enjoys making fun of you and even laughs it up once you think it’s too much. As most Aquarian men might that sometimes come cold and insensitive, being this playful is how he wants to express his interest in you. He wants you to notice him and get your undivided attention. (Yup, definitely high school boys.)

  4. Discussing the Future – He likes to have intellectual conversations with you especially if you discuss the future. With his air sign-honesty as an Aquarius, he will tell you what he likes and what he wants to achieve. You’ll see that he wants you to be part of that future. He might not say it directly but he wants you to build a lasting connection with him. 

  5. Shows You his Vulnerable Side – When an Aquarius man is into you, he wants you to be inAquarius man shows affection his inner circle. He would not hesitate to show you his vulnerable side and would even tell you his darkest secrets. He lets loose of his emotions and shows more affectionate gestures rather than just the casual hanging out. He’s become softer and warmer around you too. Taking care and checking up on you becomes a part of his routine as well. 

  6. He makes a Move – What makes an Aquarius man delightful is that they want to show they love someone even publicly. They won’t be shy about displaying public affection if he’s in love with you. Though he wants to be more playful and intimate with you behind closed doors, if he starts to instigate intimacy publicly, then that’s a great sign your Aquarius man fell in love with you.

  7. Ready to commit – Once an Aquarius man has made up his mind whether he’s in love with you or not, he’ll tell you. Honesty is one of the strong suits of the water-bearers, making them being able to not hide their feelings – especially if it’s about love. Aquarian men have more trust issues than other people. That’s why declaring his love and willingness to commit to a relationship with you means serious business. When you hear this 3 magic words “I love you” 💖, this pretty much sums up everything. You can forget the other signs  or whatever you have read on the internet. When he says those 3 magic words, that means he means it.  Trust me! I am an Aquarius man. :):)

What’s next?

There’s no easy way to tell if someone’s in love with you, especially if his zodiac sign is Aquarius. Playful and quirky on the outside but hides a very sensitive soft boy inside. Sometimes distant and detached but at times he could be very clingy and loves attention. See? Your Aquarius “ boy best friend” is very complicated to read. But once he’s really in love with you, you should consider yourself lucky! Being a fixed sign, he will give his all to show how he loves you. You will feel it. He’s happy to see you. You will receive unique gifts, love letters, and something that will amaze you. And as a bonus, Aquarius men are loyal and faithful too! So, knowing the signs that he’s in love gives you a clear glimpse of what’s next for the both of you.

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