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Top 6 Ways How To Attract a Virgo Man If You Are A Scorpio Woman

If you have your eyes set on a Virgo man, it is better to look at a few signs to see if there is a likelihood of a long relationship. You may be wondering how to make him notice you? Or how to stand out in the crowd so he lays his eyes on just you? Before starting a relationship, it is better to not dwell on attraction but to carefully look at the dynamics of a Scorpio-Virgo relation. An independent Scorpio woman should have no trouble winning a Virgo man’s tender heart.

Scorpio-Virgo Compatibility

The Scorpio water sign is nothing less than compassion, a Scorpio woman is only looking for someone if she really likes them. So, if you want that person, chances are you must really be involved with them. The most important thing in any relationship is communication and Virgos are no short of that. Ruled by Mercury, Virgos are eloquent and Scorpios are direct with their words. So, both have energies that can’t hold back words. Virgos are known to be problem solvers and ambitious and Scorpio women need praise and compliments which the Virgos can’t deliver as they can be at times busy managing their professional careers.

Virgos and Scorpio share the trait of independence and both don’t like indulging in each other’s private space. Virgos are very strongly opinionated and Scorpios tend to have a deep understanding of emotions. So, they are bound to pair and if they do encounter career or praising problems, they are both good communicators and can easily overcome them. These things are just ground setters for the relationship, the real quest is winning a Virgo man over. Keep reading for an interesting overlook on partnering with a Virgo man.

Smart Virgo Woman

  1. Show you’re smart A Virgo has a cerebral personality and is known for his intellect. One reason they are problem solvers is because of their intelligence. Scorpios are quick-witted and sharp with their thoughts. Being a water sign, they are deeply interlinked with their emotions but their reason helps them not to act on their emotional perspectives. A Virgo is looking for someone who can bring practical solutions to their problems or when they are faced with challenges, they can look up to you. You don’t have to do anything out of the ordinary but during your interactions try to come up with natural solutions to his worries. With your already sharp thoughts, you need to be focused on the conversation and develop the conversation by showing your ability to learn by grasping his thoughts.
  2. Grooming & Personal Hygiene Are Very Important For A Virgo  A Virgo man is very sensualVirgo woman well groomed excellent personal hygiene by nature. You have already read how detail oriented they are. They are not impressed by glamorous gifts or displays. They seek reciprocation of care and unmatched love. He is likely to compliment and appreciate your well thought dressing style and he is bound to notice the tiniest details like your hair, nails, dress, and even scent—they prefer subtle fragrances though.
  3. Virgos Are Sensitive – Scorpio women are known to be natural leaders and spontaneous in nature. Virgos are keen towards planning their days and having forethought events. If you want to have some kind of a private time like a date, it is better to keep your plans simple and always inform your partner about your programs. As a Scorpio woman you may need to work on this, for an easy going future with your love. They are more sensitive than other signs. So, steer clear of last-minute changes and give thoughts to what he would like to do on a day out. Try not to get involved in sentimentality like forgetting an anniversary or something important.
  4. Be Honest and Open – Reality of every relationship is the level of honesty and openness between two people. A Virgo man appreciates truth and you can easily impress him by being real and genuine in your conversations, hangouts and messages. You need to be as real as you can be! You may think that being honest might tip the scales out of your favor and you may not win his heart but opposites attract! If you aren’t afraid to show your true self, he will be falling for you head over heels.

    A Virgo man can appear shy at first, but this should not stop you from showing openness. The most casual thing about Scorpios is that they look for committed relationships, this might come as a challenge because Scorpio women don’t like to be vulnerable and tend to hold their thoughts and ideas to themselves. You may need to let him in on your secrets to build trust and confidence.
  5. Be Mysterious –Nothing keeps a Virgo man more obsessed than his intelligent guesses about you. A Virgo man is attracted to caring partners. As mentioned before, they are intelligent and would like to try their best to figure you out. If you can be excitingly withdrawn, a Virgo man will be inclined to chase you. This shouldn’t be hard as Scorpio is regarded as the most mysterious sign in the Zodiac. You just need to keep him on his toes and guessing your thoughts, if you are on a romantic date.Virgos are food lovers
  6. Virgo Men Are Food Lovers – Yes, they are. Only a handful of people know this secret. Even if you check on the internet, you are not going to find any information about this. How did we know this? Well, the owner of this website’s Virgo uncles love food, his Virgo friends love food, his wife (who is a Virgo by the way) loves food, his Virgo son loves food and even the Virgo people he knows love food. Virgos are explorers. They are hungry to discover experiences – the aroma, tastiness of the food, the exquisiteness and anything that offers the best food experience. If you are a good cook, you have the upper hand over the others. Take this advantage. You don’t necessarily have to buy or take him to a fancy restaurant. Just serve them delicious and healthy meal. That’s it. Contact us and we will share you stories how his Virgo uncles fell in love with their wives, about his Virgo friends and so much more.


The Bottom Line

A Scorpio woman should have no trouble charming a Virgo as they are attracted to their positive confidence and mystery. The relationship will develop gratitude over time and become a solid bond if you don’t come off as too controlling. There is not a lot of compromise to be made as Virgos are rational and intelligent. A Scorpio woman will enjoy a lot of freedom when choosing what to do or where to go as Virgos need to be loosened up and brought into social events. They are mostly introverted and like to wait for the right thing to happen on its own. Virgos value expressions so make sure to not be silent or cold in your talks!

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