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Top 5 Ways How To Attract an Aquarius Man If You Are A Taurus Woman

Are you hoping to secure a bond with an Aquarius man? A Taurus woman is not your typical ‘go with the flow’ person. If you are a Taurus, you would likely agree that you are looking for something long lasting and constant. A Taurus woman doesn’t fancy changes and would like to feel protected at all times in the arms of someone she loves. Similar to Taurus, Aquarius are known to have stubborn personalities and assert dominance in decisions and opinions. That being said, it is always helpful to look at their compatibility.

Taurus Woman-Aquarius Man Compatibility

Aquarius man is a genius and is often not included in groups because of his gifted intelligence. They are a very social person and will be seen in multiple circles of friends but they are not deeply known by anyone. An Aquarius man has a messy home and surrounding, you can expect scattered files and paperwork. A Taurus woman is not a fan of such mess and prefers a clean place. Additionally, an Aquarius man is not interested in materialism while a Taurus woman looks for a stable life. They run their own world and strike their own paths.

In this real world you would not be surprised to see exceptions. Although their compatibility ranks low according to personality traits, if you find yourself in a serious relationship with an Aquarius your compatibility will be very strong, as opposites attract! If you can’t imagine a life without your Aquarius man, you need to start looking at signs and tips that he is interested in you. You need to know the characteristics most admired by an Aquarius man. So, you can be his one and only love.

Aquarius Man Friendship

  1. Friendship Most Aquarius man relationships start from friendships. They are notorious for avoiding serious relationships as they seek reliable friendships. They are easy goers and mix with all kinds of people. You can increase your chances of attracting an Aquarius man by befriending him. Often you will find they are not comfortable in a one-on-one relationship. Being a Taurus woman, you will find them easily trustable and form quick friendships easily. You just need to take your time with an Aquarius before anything serious.
  2. Be Creative – People born under this star sign love being surprised. They don’t like the same routine and plays being repeated and if this is too much for you, they might start exploring other options. The best thing to do is to not reveal everything about yourself on the first encounter and keep him guessing for the next big thing. Gifts play a big role in surprises and an Aquarius is not a hopeless romantic. So, you need to keep stirring new things to keep him connected with you.
  3. Avoid Jealousy – Taurus can be super possessive and jealous when she loves a person so much. Most of the time when her jealousy is so strong, she will become insecure and doubt your loyalty to her.  To verify her insecurities, a Taurus girl invades a guy’s privacy – check the guy’s phone for text messages, history calls, follow your posts in social media and even circle of guy’s friends. For an Aquarius guy, jealousy will not work for him. In fact this will go against you. Do not confront him and start a heated argument. If this keeps going on, he will walk out and you will never see him again. These men are very social and see absolutely no harm in speaking to other women and having women friends. If you follow his lead and surround yourself with interesting people of both genders, the Aquarius man will find you more attractive and irresistible.
  4. Practice Emotional Restraint – An Aquarius man is known to stay away from emotional eccentrics. They are logical and rational people who don’t rely on emotional point of view. If you’re a Taurus, you would notice that you’re quite independent and emotionally strong. Aquarius men are turned off by emotional dramas and riddles. You need to avoid tears and excitement if you plan a date with an Aquarius man. They are looking for intellect in a partner and would like to see them making decisions rationally rather than emotionally. Avoid any kind of emotional stories or anything that makes him uncomfortable in the conversation.Aquarius Freedom
  5. Freedom Matters – Aquarius men love their freedom, the biggest flaw in your perception to seduce an Aquarius man will be to control him and be in his face at all times. You don’t need to appear demanding and controlling. He doesn’t like any kind of manipulation and can easily detect it from the tone. Don’t act in a way to make him jealous because they will walk away from you and not think twice about it! Your best chance is to remain thoughtful and show your trustable character as a Taurus to impress him. They are not a possessive zodiac and expect you to be comfortable around this fact.

Honesty goes a long way

An Aquarius is ideally looking for someone that trusts him and is honest with him. If you’re following these tips, you would’ve read that befriending him is the way to get started but getting into a relationship with him can only happen if you are honest with him. An Aquarius man is not fond of a doubtful environment and gossip. He is prone to the idea of trust and this is your chance to pin him down! But don’t break his trust or you’ll lose him completely. You don’t need to put on an act, just remember to stay transparent and loyal as part of your honesty.

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