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Top 5 Ways How To Attract an Aquarius Man as a Gemini Woman

Do you have your eyes on an Aquarius man? You can see him but are too reluctant to approach? Perhaps you fancy him from a distance but can’t stop thinking about being in his arms. If you find this true you have been meaning to stir up a conversation with your perfect one and its really simple. Aquarius are intelligent, humorous and charming in all their ways. They never settle and are fond of making conversations and being involved in social events. If you’re a Gemini woman looking forward to a relationship with an Aquarius you need to take a glance at your star sign compatibility for a fruitful relationship.

Gemini Woman-Aquarius Man Compatibility

This is a match that no other zodiacs enjoy. An Aquarius is famous for his intelligence and a Gemini woman is in no way less than that. Represented by the twin constellation, a Gemini woman has an intellect and logical reasoning under stressful situations which the Aquarius compliments. Gemini women have a great nose for smelling lies and they don’t give their trust easily. An Aquarius man is easy trusting and has no issue forming trustable bonds quickly. You would’ve noticed how much your partner loves freedom. He doesn’t settle and as a Gemini woman you will always have the urge to keep moving and not tie the knot just yet but if you want your man close to you, there are a few things you can do to get his attention.


  1. Be Yourself You would’ve heard this a lot but in the case of an Aquarius and Gemini, being your true self is the best way to get his attention. You already share all the bold personality traits. So, there is no reason to go the extra mile and do things solely attention seeking. In your conversations try to notice the similarity in thoughts, actions and future commitments, matching with an Aquarius doesn’t require you to change who you are. Let your intellect pour out and your fearless side shine.
  2. Go Out MoreAs a Gemini, you are already about the outside life and with a group of friends most of the times. An Aquarius man is always looking for social events and hangouts. Aquarius man can effortlessly indulge in a conversation about anything but what he can’t do is make plans easily. An Aquarius man is social and friendly, but he will most certainly love that you are outgoing and will be inclined towards you even more if you can plan events.
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    He prefers a lot of social gathering but sometimes a romantic date between both of you might just be what he is looking for. Try to stay away from emotional conversations during your sitting and appreciate the little moments.
  3. Humor – An You might have seen your partner smiling, you may even be attracted to his laugh and charisma. Getting to know him better through humorous conversations is the next big step you can take. You can easily influence him by your past experiences, maybe a bus ride that ended in a funny disaster or a college bunk you can’t forget. He tends to like witty conversations and as a Gemini you will harmonize almost every time with the tone of his humor and find it easy.
  4. Let Him Be in His Bubble – Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you need to know your loved one’s next move everyday of the week. An Aquarius man loves his freedom just as much as you. He might need some time off and may even need to focus his attention on some work or a goal he wants to accomplish. The best thing you can do is be patient and let him into his bubble. Try not to make plans and meetings during his hours of relaxing. He might need the time to meet his family or catch up with his long-time pals.

    Aquarius Man FriendshipOne thing about matching personalities, is that there is almost nothing that causes friction in the relationship. Gemini women are known to respect boundaries and freedom and will not act clingy to the point of annoying someone!
  5. Make Confident Decisions – Not all the stars align between a Gemini and Aquarius, a place you might need to work on is making decisions. Men born under this sign are confident and like to see it reflect in their partners. You might act indecisive at times. It could be your date location or what to wear when going out. You need to refrain from these questions and make your decisions confidently. Take your time when making a decision and only then share it with him, as this is a major turn off for an Aquarius man.

To sum up

A Gemini woman should have no trouble catching a fish like Aquarius. They share a lot of common traits and personality and this might be cliché but they are a match made in heaven. Just remember to not act flaky and live up to your commitments. Aquarius men are not fond of drama and gossip so stay away from that on your first date!

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