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Top 5 Ways How To Attract a Virgo Man If You Are A Taurus Woman

Are you interested in a Virgo man’s charisma? Not sure if he will be in your life in the long run, or maybe you’re wondering how to allure a Virgo man? It is no secret that a Virgo man can come off as shy in the first few encounters. So, it is you who will need to bring out his wild side at first. The Taurus and Virgo are both Earth signs and share a lot in common. Virgos are sincere in love and compassionate in their conversations. A Taurus woman is known to be a good pair for a Virgo man as she is caring and very similar in practicality to a Virgo.

Taurus Woman-Virgo Man Compatibility

Everyone desires a harmonious relationship but not everyone is blessed with it. In the case of a Virgo and Taurus, they rank high in compatibility. Free from inconsistencies, their relationship will last for long as both are introverted but their friendships last for ages. The Taurus women has the trait of being loved and admired and a Virgo man not shy when it comes to playing the guardian angel, being sentimental and caring. Both share a kindred spirit, seeking stability in life but a Taurus woman can be indecisive which the Virgo man displeases. They pay close attention to detail and notice the tiniest things which can make the man very possessive. If you can understand just a few of these signs, you will have a smooth sailing relationship with your new found love in a Virgo man.

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  1. Speak Your Mind Sharing so much in common, there is not much for you to do after getting his attention but just how do you differentiate yourself in his eyes form the crowd? A Virgo man is not looking for dishonesty and acts. You just need to be genuine and true to your nature, to be the ideal woman for him. This doesn’t mean you should always speak your thoughts. As a Taurus, you might find the process of trust slow for yourself but you need to overlook your second thoughts and make him feel relaxed by being open and trustable. The smallest duplicity can make him think you have been lying all along as they are perfectionist and not easily influenced.
  2. Be Compromising – Taurus women are extremely stubborn and known for their unchangeable minds. Once they have thought of something, it is set in stone. They’ll refuse to compromise because they assume they know best. They won’t even consider the possibility that your reasoning is right or they’re might be wrong. If you want to impress a person like Virgo, you need to shy away from stubbornness! A Virgo man is compromising and will try to be considerate towards your requests. Whether it is a date location or a planned event, he will always pay respect to your decisions and try to meet you at least halfway while you may be hesitant to do the same. The best tip in this situation is to be patient and communicate for an agreeable solution
  3. Appreciate his efforts – A Virgo man is very career oriented and when he takes time off, he cannot help but think about all the problems he can solve or in what ways he can help you or friends. He soothes being wanted but what can you do for him? Start by being appreciative towards his tiniest efforts. It cannot be stressed enough, how much they notice tiny details. So, be sure to leave kind remarks and show that his efforts are valuable to you. As a Taurus woman, you will have no trouble giving him reliance and assurances that you are always there for him. Make sure to tell him that you are proud of him and impressed by his help, if you want to win him over.Smart Virgo Woman
  4. Act Intelligently: Emotionally and Mentally –A Virgo man would rather wait for the right person than dive into a relationship with anyone. He is an intelligent person himself and would like to see matching energy from you. You don’t need to act less intelligent or control your smarts with him. A Virgo man practices a lot of self-restraints when it comes to emotions


  5. Be Spontaneous – If you are a  Taurus woman, you are  not naturally spontaneous. Try to make plans and fun activities to bring out his wild side. It can take a lot of time and trust for him to open up to you. He is an introvert and loves spending time in one-on-one conversations. So, try not to force him to always do something that he would otherwise not be comfortable in.


A Taurus is an ideal date, friend and partner for a Virgo man. He likes the smallest details you remember about him and he will be impressed by the fact that you are trustable and not hiding anything. You will find yourself in a thriving relationship, once you have done the ground work on trust, openness and made some compromises to show that you equally adore him.

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