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Top 5 Clear Signs To Tell When A Virgo Man Is Done With You

Virgo man is driven by passion for his loved ones. Responsible love and respect from him, could’ve been the reason why you liked him in the first place. It is not uncommon to see variations in mood and changes in actions but is it a sign a Virgo man is done with you? Are you worried that he doesn’t open up to you like before? While a Virgo man is considered an unforthcoming person, when he feels comfortable with someone, he clues you in into the tiniest details. If he is no longer interested in you and you see changes and an attitude in him. You might need to be aware of a few signs that show a dying relationship with a Virgo man. Even if you are unable to salvage your relationship, these signs will help you be prepared emotionally for the worst.

  1. Cold and Distant

A Virgo man isn’t the best example of someone who speaks all the time. They are timid and can be considered introverted but they will not stop talking to someone they love and tell them all about their smallest victories or likes and dislikes. If your partner focuses on his personal leisure and hobbies more and is dismissive towards your approaches, it is likely his heart is nurturing emotions for someone else.

If you are suffering from silent treatment at the hands of a man you love and he is no longer interested in creating intimate moments then this is the biggest sign of a possible imminent break-up.

  1. Criticism

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Virgos are generally regarded as caring individuals but if you see your partner being excessively unsupportive, this is a good indication that a Virgo man wants to hurt your feelings to rotten the relationship further. There is no doubt Virgo men are perfectionists did but if you see the person nitpicking tiny things and constantly highlighting your flaws, he is doing that so that you have a reason to draw lines and end what started out as blossoming love.

Such a disdained person will also scuffle your feathers by pointing out the smallest mistakes you made/build while working or talking. Generally, this is another good sign he wants you to end the connection and take initiatives.

  1. Avoids Meeting

You may be trying to console yourself by giving him space but does he really need it or is he finding new ways to steer clear of you? Virgo man often spends a lot of time thinking on how to correct the relationship or even break it. You cannot force him to do something. Dates and meetups no longer exist between you and whenever you do meet, he doesn’t make eye contact and acts distant. Picking up tiny signs like turning a deaf ear towards important conversations and diverting attention on other things further suggest that the bond is getting weaker and he is likely to give you up soon.

  1. Speaks his mind

When you see your partner acting different, naturally, you would be worried about your relationship. The foundation of any relationship is honesty. When a Virgo man keeps things from you and socially removes you from his life, this should signal you to build up courage to just outright ask him about the future of your relationship. Virgos are very straightforward and the person will tell you if there is time to mend things or cut ties. What you shouldn’t do is wait around for more and more clarity and build pressure for him to stay in your life. Once, a Virgo man admits to losing feelings for you, there is nothing that can change his mind.

  1. Your Opinions Don’t Matter

Have you tried to talk things through and failed? When a Virgo man is least bothered by your words and puts in no effort to even realize the depth of your conversation, it is one of the subtle signs that he plans to break the bond sooner than later. Virgos are very analyzing and respectful personalities. So, they are always looking for more input and insight from other people. Nevertheless, if his yearning for your voice is fading then so is your charismatic appeal.

Mend The Marriage

The Bottom Line

Virgos are governed by Mercury, viewing from purely astrological observations they are avid communicators. It is wise to understand a Virgo man’s natural qualities to predict the outcome in a relationship.

No doubt, Virgos are great lovers and love the fairest. If your relationship is in rough shape, it might just need a small coffee talk to smoothen the rough patches but if you see these signs and behaviors, you should be aware that he no longer has the same affection and reading these signs can help you mend a broken bond earlier.

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If you need help and want to save your relationship with a Virgo Man, consider this before it is too late.

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