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7 Guaranteed Signs A Virgo Man Is In Love With You

It is no secret that everyone wants a loving and caring person in their life. Someone who would celebrate your joys and share your grief. If you see that in your Virgo partner but are unsure if he likes you, then you must be looking for signs a Virgo man is in love with you.

Virgo men are curious just like you and are often tight lipped about their feelings until the right person drives their sense of purpose. This doesn’t mean you should grow impatient with your perfect one’s inability to communicate his feelings. Instead, you should know how to tell if a Virgo man has feelings for you.

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Below are the signs

  1. He Is Genuine Around You – Virgo men tend to be very prudent and guarded about their commitments. They like to stay in their bubble and like to know great lengths about the other person before allowing them into their heart. If your Virgo man is not too cautious of how he acts around you and feels welcomed to show his true self, this is a great tell that he is affectionate towards you and is caring enough to be himself near you. If a Virgo man does not shy away from little things in front of you, then he is likely to have caught feelings for you.
  2. You Had a Chance to Meet His Family – One of the most prominent signs that a Virgo man wants you is the opportunity to meet his family. Virgo men stay close to their family and are very closely knitted to their blood. They would not want any harm coming to their family and are very closely knitted to their blood. They would not want any harm coming to their family and if you have met the person’s family, then you are already on the right course of love and tenderness. He would also be interested in the family’s perception of you and for a Virgo man to introduce you to his kin, is a sign that he has strong feelings for you.
  3. Grand Gestures – The best tell out of everything is that Virgo men like making grand gestures. This can vary from him buying you just a flower or taking you on a private romantic date. If a Virgo man finds something that is appealing to you in the slightest, they will not shy away and probe more into it. Be wary of this next time he asks you about your favorite movie or vacation! Virgos are no short of surprises, he might not tell you that he has feelings for you but his actions will almost certainly translate into words that he cannot bring to his mouth.
  4. Long Conversations and Reasons To Talk To You – A Virgo man who is head over heels for you would want to conversate with you all the time. Such a guy is likely to text you and call you to tell you the simplest things he is fond of. On average a normal conversation lasts thirty minutes but for a Virgo man this can be much more! He would want to stay connected to you and if he can’t meet you, get ready for long calls just to ask you about your lunch or if you went to your yoga session. Luckily, Virgos are good communicators so you won’t feel bored or land yourself a dull conversation. So, keep your phone charged if you think he likes you.
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  5.  He Restraints Physical Emotions – Virgos are great at talking and have extremely open personalities around their loved ones but they balance their emotions by not showing physical affection. They are not being shy. In fact, Virgo men give their all when they are deeply in love with someone. This is just one of the many traits of Virgo—to show respect and understanding. They will be hesitant at first but will have no problem engaging in public affection if they feel you are completely comfortable and safe around them.
  6. Honesty –  It is extremely rare for Virgos to let you into their life and be honest with you. Virgos are very cautious and tread carefully when looking for desired traits in the other person. If he thinks you’re the one, then he will devote his time and entire being to you and be completely sincere and candid in front of you.
  7. Openness – Another thing a Virgo man is keen to do is take note of tiny things and if you share confidence in him then he is more than likely to open up to you. As mentioned before, a Virgo man will want you to know everything about him, whether it’s meeting friends and family or his favorite snacks and dislikes. So, if you see your conversation steering in such a direction then he is on to you!


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