Married A Virgo Woman… but did not work out

Hi...Like you I married a virgo woman...sadly thou it did not work out....I am happy to hear you two have thou....Micheal

by :Micheal

Our relationship so far is still okay… but there were times that I almost gave up .. I actually thought about walking out of the door and living alone but every time it comes to my mind I dont want to be impulsive or impetuous cause this decision can make your life miserable and could have some effect to your kids(specially) and regret it later on.. After some careful thinking, my love to my wife and kids still reign over our problems and disagreements that if you will scrutinize it, it is only small little thing that can be sorted out.. I guess because we have the same likes and dislikes and we love each other..:)

Mike, if you have anything to add to this or you have something to say email me back or reply to this post.. please… please…