I want you to REALLY congratulate you for this website.

I want you to REALLY congratulate you for this website. I’m aquarius, I studied some Astrology, mainly zodiac signs and most of the time like (90%), people’s features match with the corresponding sign; that’s the main reason why do I believe in Astrology.

My ex-gf was Aries and it exactly ended by the incompatibility written on your site (just to let you know).

Im just writing this to say that my current girlfriend (the 2nd one) is a Virgo (we’re together for like 2 months and but we started dating 1 month and 1 week ago).

And oh my God, Its being such a great moment in my life, I am really loving to stay with her and enjoy her company (Im 20 she’s 19). She make me feel secure all the time, I dont feel any pressure, I feel loved in both ways (as friend and as boyfriend), we talk a lot about everything (love and intelectual subjects, its being so amazing to me, its not passion (OMG I hate it – because of my ex haha), but I dont know exactly to explain all the details that make me love this Virgo girl but its a lot of stuff. I just hope my relationship keep like this, I’ll enjoy this till it end (if ends .. haha). And when I showed astrology to my girl she started to like more than me hahaha. we always joke and talk seriously on phone by all subjects. Im really happy with the relationship; sorry Im not too clear with my english (Im Brazilian) and I think well before write, just wrote all the thoughts that came over my mind.

A big Hug to you and your wife. Loved the site and the genuine way you interact to people. 🙂


by :Lucas *****
Date: 7-19-2011