How To Seduce A Capricorn Man And Make Sure You Get The Attention You Want

The quickest way to be rich without a lot of effort is to marry someone predisposed to making money. Capricorn men capricornfit that bill nicely. They are driven to become the boss. They are suited to become bureaucrats, CEOs or heads of their own organization. Capricorn men are ambitious, prudent, disciplined and patient, all traits necessary for achieving financial success in life. However, they are also exceedingly stingy and miserly. Once they have money, it’s going to be tough to get them for a share or get some part of it when the relationship ends. But, if you are determined to catch one, you need to learn the process for interpreting Capricorn men.

The Capricorn man is probably the most serious in the Zodiac. He is completely trustworthy, confident, strong willed and calm. In other words, he is a rock.

Never Met a Grudge They Wouldn’t Keep
Tick them off and you’ve earned an enemy for life. You may have forgotten and forgiven, but they will take it into their grave, no matter how trivial the issue may seem. They rarely make mistakes because they are always slow and deliberate when taking actions. Capricorn men wear their emotions on their sleeve. It is easy to hurt their feelings and they respond quickly and quite vindictive. So, if you are his girlfriend or wife make sure you think first before you act.

In Romance: Surprisingly Romantic
Few people who know Capricorn men think of them as romantic, yet they are incurable so. But like their approach to life, they are inhibited, deliberate and slow to commit, keeping their very voluble emotions bubbling just under the surface. One way to seduce them is they do like recognition and seek out praises. The Capricorn man tends to marry late in life, but mates for life. He doesn’t often divorce because he doesn’t want to give up his stuff. So, girls, be patient. Everything will fall into place.

Mostly Stable and Very Serious
The Capricorn man is probably the most serious among the astrological signs. He is completely trustworthy, confident, strong willed and calm. In other words, he is a rock. The Capricorn man generally attracts women who don’t seem to understand him. It is important to know going in that the Capricorn man doesn’t really like women or understand them. He needs a woman to have his kids and he may think he is in love at some point, but that is up for debate. However, he is slow to commit to marriage, if the relationship gets that far. But once married, he stays married, and when get jealous, they are very jealous.

Seducing a Capricorn man
Capricorns are attracted to femininity or the traditional and conservative kind of woman who would do anything to help her man succeed in life. The woman must be as ambitious as he is. Because Capricorn men desire and want the finest things in life that money cannot buy. He will be drawn to her because of her class and social manners. She dresses with expensive tastes but has the good sense to shop wholesale. She must be a good mother, good cook and good housekeeper and be wary of his moods and sensitivities.

Keepers of Tradition
Capricorns are the keepers of tradition. They have a patriarchal streak in them. They really believe that men should rule the world. They also really love women and want to protect them from all harm, a habit dating back generation for all men. He has a very strong sense of masculine pride and does not take too kindly to women inclined to talk back. These men are in search of women who understand and who live traditional roles, adopting traditional attitudes and behaviors.

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