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Embarrassing Questions to Ask a Guy

So you and that special guy are pretty close, cozy and at that point where you can share some secrets. Still, there are boundaries between a man and a woman that shouldn’t be crossed, or at least not yet, until after you’re closer. Each one, whether you’re a male or a female are still cautious when it comes to intimate details whether it concerns your sexual fantasies, your family secret or even about your past loves. While it’s true that honesty is the best policy in any relationship, still there are embarrassing questions to ask a guy that you need to be aware of. Here are ten of the most thwarting lines to end with a question mark.

  1. How big are you? Of course this refers to his manhood. Not all men are open to discuss this whether he’s big or small. Some are conservative, some doesn’t want to brag, for whatever reason it is, this question is not a comfortable thing to talk about.
  2. Are you a virgin? Same as no. 1, this is embarrassing for a guy. Generally, guys are expected not to “kiss and tell” his conquests and until he shares it with you, refrain from asking.
  3. Am I better than your ex-girlfriend/s? Do you really want to be compared? What if he didn’t answer the way you expected? This is not only embarrassing but also unfair to the people not involved in your relationship.
  4. Do you love me? If you need to ask this, you may want to re-examine your relationship. This will put the guy in a compromising situation too. Why not wait for your man to say it. It is sweeter that way.
  5. Do you want to get married? Don’t ask if your relationship is still new. This will put undue pressure to a budding romance. Let it develop into something deeper and you can ask away.
  6. Do you want children? Related to getting married question, you need to wait a while longer before discussing this matter. Some men, even in serious relationships don’t think that far so wait for the right time to ask.
  7. What is your IQ? Some men are embarrassed to brag while some are embarrassed to admit that they’re average. You just have to figure this one out for yourself. Get to know him more.
  8. How many ex-girlfriends or partners did you have? New relationships must be focused on the enrichment of their partnership and not dwell on their past mistakes. When you’re on a more stable ground and your man volunteers the information, then that’s the time to have a talk.
  9. Am I fat? Or Am I ugly? Your man doesn’t want to make you feel bad. If you are fat or ugly, how would you feel if he answers candidly? For sure, he will say something that you’re expecting to hear. The next question is, do you really want to embarrass your man?
  10. What is your most intimate secret? This can be embarrassing not only to your man but also to you. If he answers honestly, are you ready to hear it and process it in a good way?

Before asking these questions, think about your man’s feelings or yours and its effect on your present relationship. If you’re solid and stable, there may be very little secrets between the two of you but if you’re just starting, you may be treading on sensitive ground. Think twice.

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