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Characteristics of Aquarius Female

The Unique and Original Aquarius Female

There is one inherent desire of every Aquarian – to be unique and original in all sorts of ways. However, this often leads to inconsistencies and confusion, two of the apt words to describe the Aquarius woman. Often the witty, clever, humanitarian, inventive and original person that she truly is, an Aquarius girl is also often described as stubborn, unemotional, sarcastic, rebellious and aloof.

More often than not, she is loyal and at the same time a tad detached and not overtly expressive in her emotions. She is committed and faithful as long as she won’t feel being tied down to a relationship. She strives for individuality and is reflected in her thoughts, dreams and aspirations compared to other women of her times.

Dubbed as a butterfly among humans, the Aquarius woman is friend to everyone but belongs to no one. People who can accept her overriding sense of need for freedom will be tremendously loved by the Aquarius girl in return. The value she places on individuality and freedom extends far beyond herself such that her partner in life need not necessarily have a set of beliefs similar to hers. What is essential in a relationship with the Aquarius woman is honesty including being true to oneself.

Often described as subtle and unassuming, the love shown by the Aquarian female is nonetheless without limits. Although passion is rarely a definitive character of the Aquarius, she can be intense at times and be platonic most of the time. She is not known to be the jealous type nor possessive in her relationships because even before making that crucial commitment, she has carefully scrutinized her partner’s character substantial enough to trust him. This trust is hard to come by, especially for an Aquarian that is more difficult to mend once broken.

Although generally not the possessive type in relationships the Aquarian woman nonetheless believes in the saying “out of sight means out of mind”. It is thus crucial to be close to her and around her always. Her strong will can make or unbreak the relationship as she has no qualms whatsoever in telling her partner enough is enough and that they’d be better off away from each other. If there is any consolation, the maxim “first love never dies” holds true for the Aquarius woman for life.

The Aquarius Female is not one who will exchange a few stolen moments with her first love if it means debasing the sanctity of marriage. If she does engage in extra-marital affair, her partner can find solace in the Aquarius’ ability to stand firm on what is right, ending the affair even before it starts. She can be instrumental in the realization of your innermost thoughts and aspirations but do not expect that you will understand her own.

She expects others to respect her in the same way as she respects them. Finding a partner is often a tedious and long process because of the free-wheeling nature of the Aquarian woman and her tendency not to be expressive in her emotions, a critical factor in romances. However, once they do decide to get married and build a family of their own, they make loving and caring mothers although they may have initial reservations about motherhood. Expect that the Aquarius mother will never pamper her children and will never be overprotective of them. She is a good and patient listener especially to her children.

The key to understanding the unique and original Aquarius female is in giving her ample space to enjoy her personal freedom. Being future-oriented, you can always count on the Aquarius lady to let you get a glance at your future together.

What attracts an Aquarius Woman?

Prepare to be interestingly unique to catch this woman’s attention. An Aquarius female loves a good conversationalist. Hence, no matter how good looking you may be, if you cannot host a fascinating talk, this girl would zoom towards the door. Also, she appreciates spur of the moment ideas so don’t be afraid to ask her to the beach even after the prom. And if you’re set on keeping her for the rest of your lives, be her best friend as no other sign values friendship like Aquarius.


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