Just like her male counterpart, the Virgo woman is a highly organized, systematic and intelligent person able to discern the finer things in life through a methodical and often purposive approach. Dogmatic in character, the professional Virgo female is often described as a career woman, able to command respect and admiration from subordinates, peers and superiors alike for her professional competence.

The Virgo woman is driven by success, more often defined by the financial standing she inadvertently gets. She achieves this through sheer wit and intellect as well as her natural inquisitiveness for the truth. Being gifted with critical thinking abilities and the desirable trait of creative and imaginative thinking fueled by a sharp memory, the Virgo woman can find success in law enforcement, research, investigations, sciences, linguistics, accounting or even book-keeping.

Much like any other Virgo, the Virgo woman plays the role of the ever amiable diplomat settling disputes with uncanny proficiency and without the need for coercion or the use of means other than peaceful ones. This makes her a very significant figure in negotiation tables as well as a major player as a trusted and equally gifted business partner. Her ability to balance and harmonize personal issues with professional concerns makes her an ideal employee or even an excellent business partner

As a person, the Virgo woman is very active and has a penchant for being a health buff. This is anchored on the perfectionism or the highly organized nature of the Virgo which strives a perfect balance and harmony of the different aspects of one’s life. The Virgo woman enjoys talking, walking, and reacting albeit to the detriment of some persons who would rather stay put in one place.

She is generally a charming, witty, realistic, down-to-earth, honest, dedicated, helpful, gentle, organized, systematic, and perfectionist type of person. Out of these characteristics come the not-so-good things about the Virgo woman which includes restless, anxious, worrisome, dogmatic, cranky, irritable, and very critical. It’s in her being irritable and overly critical at times that turns off most people.

The Virgo Female is also agreeable and cheerful, necessary traits to complement her unparalleled dignitycheerful and charm. She can remain loyal, truthful, straight thinker and determined to her partner in a relationship. Her devotion and reliability to a relationship is sought after by many that they are willing to wait in line to gain the trust and friendship of a Virgo woman.

Although delayed by her methodical nature to analyze all the facts before making any commitments, once she enters into a relationship the Virgo woman can become the perfect mate for those who seek conservative and old-fashioned partners. She believes that romance has a very special meaning in life such that her partner should have equal, if not higher, intellectual abilities.

The Virgo woman often looks forward to meeting the right person in the hope of tying the knot. This is because, for the Virgo bride-to-be, marriage is the most gratifying experience in a woman’s life. As a spouse, she can take on different roles such as the head of the household and the caregiver of her children. Being the meticulous and methodical that she is, the Virgo wife will often take pleasure in household chores like cooking, general upkeep, gardening, household financial management, health and hygiene. As a mother, she likes nothing less than caring for and helping her children to grow into responsible members of society.

The methodical and good-natured qualities of the Virgo woman can greatly contribute to her being an ideal friend, a good employee, an outstanding business partner, and a loving and loyal lifetime partner.

What attracts a Virgo Woman?
Intelligent manVirgo woman adores men who are intelligent and well-read. So instead of bringing her expensive gifts, show her what you’ve got between your ears. She won’t stay long with someone she can’t respect so be sure to act appropriately when you’re with her. If you can handle criticisms well, falling for a Virgo woman would suit you fine. After all, females in this zodiac are known to be perfectionists. Do not take this negatively however because she can bring out the best in you.

Characteristics of Virgo Male