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9 Ways To Sexually Arouse An Aquarius Man In Bed.

Every man is different and their preferences are different according to their zodiac signs. Below is the list of some tips that might be necessary and help you to make Aquarius men addicted to you sexually without a fail.

  1. Aquarius men and their Stubbornness  – A hard truth to be known that Aquarius men are very stubborn and you must accept this too after marrying them. The first thing to do to attract him towards you is to tease them so that he forgets his stubbornness. Women can easily be teased. But men, they not gonna fall too easily. So, you have to practice this. As teasing is a special art and for Aquarius men teasing them in bed and outside will be beneficial. This will make your relationship happier and more exciting. For that, invest some time and effort in this thing.
  2. Approach with care – Aquarius men have a reputation for being unfriendly. You must know how to read their moods before making a move in bed because they have mood swings. But if they are already detached then wait, give them some time to get normal. You need to be patient. Try to do some joshing to intimidate them. The art of teasing will help you to seduce them, and slowly they will be there where you want them to be. But oftentimes it wouldn’t be necessary for you to get cheesy and naughty in bed. The nighties and lingeries will do their job to get you hooked. Though, you should learn the art of seducing. Learn some tips for seducing so they get addicted to you. Do this frequently and later you will realize and the time will come that you wouldn’t need to get him yourself. He will approach you and make a move. This will become a bonus point for a lovey-dovey relationship because you don’t need to put effort now.
  3. Target their calves and ankles
    Every zodiac man has his weaknesses. And for Aquarius men weaknesses are the calves and ankles. When in bed with them target these spots to seduce them. First, massage these areas gently. Along with that use erotic words just for ensuring that they are having a great time with you. Later, use your tender hands and soft lips to make him feel they are in heaven. This will eventually be a wonderful experience for him and you will love it too. Slowly, you will learn these techniques that will make your relationship more interesting.
  4. Energy in bed
    Not in a mood to please him all the time then no worries. That wouldn’t be necessary. All you have to do is go with the flow with the same amount of energy as he is. That way, everything will be in your favor. The Aquarius men are passionate persons and you have to keep up with them otherwise they gonna lose interest in you. Try to moan when he touches you and whisper to him to do more that will unleash him sexually. Try doing practice this, after some familiarity, this Aquarius man will be addicted to you and it wouldn’t be needed for you to seduce him often. Practice will make you perfect. Additionally, if he loves you, he will show you his best in bed.
  5. Playful in bed with them
    As it is pleasurable to every couple while wrapped in warm sheets and have fun, the Aquarius men like to take things to another level. After the foreplay, take a break and engage him in a erotic game that will excite him, and he will be intimidated by you. Or start a wrestling fight that will electrify him. The internet might help you in finding incredible and sexually stimulating games that are needed for a successful experience in bed.
  6. Costume game
    Apart from nighties and masks, you must wear some costumes before having sex. Aquarius men love to have a pleasurable time. Allowing him to go wild will be arousing for him more than his career. The internet will assist you in finding the right costumes and where to buy them. To amaze the things between you and your man, do this, and see how your relationship improves with a fulfilling sex life.
  7. Party for Aquarius men in bed
    Aquarius men are the naughtiest and mysterious in bed among all the zodiac signs. They are curious persons and the masquerading will excite them because they like snooping around. You may ask him what kind of masks he likes in bed. This will make him happy and he might be attracted to you. He might be addicted to you that you are putting effort into making him happy in bed. And in return, he will try different ways to please you in bed.
  8. Try to keep up and be adventurous
    When you become fond of Aquarius man you will know how much they love to have excitement in sex and life. So, be an adventurous person. Invite him to have sex outdoors, in a car,  on a beach, in a swimming pool or even try kama sutra positions. Also you can amaze him by going on his top. Seduce him and dare him and release the beast in him. Aquarius men love to try different things when it comes to love making more than the other zodiac men. A playful naughty girl is exactly the kind of woman he is looking for. Do this trick and he will be sexually addicted to you.
  9. Aquarius Men Love Oral Sex –

    Aquarius Man Loves to both to give and receive oral sex. He takes great pleasure in satisfying his partner and in return, he hopes you’ll be able to do the same for him as well.

    So, when making love, expect he is going to go scuba diving. And when he goes down on you, make sure your P** is shaved and fresh out of shower. Try to moan while he is doing his business. He will like it.

    In turn, when you go down on him, your technique will seal the deal for him. If you are good at it, he will be sexually addicted to you for life and never think of anyone but you again. It is certainly true, and I can vouch for it !! 

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