Aquarius and Health

Overcoming Aquarian Health Struggles

A typical Aquarian is slender and tall with a complexion lighter than normal, long legs and narrow hips. An impression of thoughtfulness can be seen in one’s face with a tendency to smile and talk a lot. Aquarius is said to rule the knees, ankles, legs and the circulation of the blood. An Aquarian is also prone to having weak ankles and legs. They are susceptible to cramps to spasmodic and other nervous ailments.

For those Aquarians who have a taste for it, avoidance of alcohol is important. Aquarians rule the ankles. The ankles form the link the rest of the body and between the feet on the Earth. Aquarius being the sign of Man, they are often hard to tell by sight appearing normal in every way. The Aquarian activity of the brain often exceeds the capacity of the body to keep up with the active mind. This mostly leads to problems of nervous exhaustion and not considered as one of the physically strongest signs. Aquarians in full flow usually seem to speak through a stream of consciousness by enabling the contents of their mind to rise to the surface from the sub-conscious.

Aquarians can be very excitable due to the Uranian influence which causes sudden fits of temperamental outbursts. Every zodiac sign has an internal, external and structural ruler ship. Externally the Aquarian sign rules the ankles, calves and tibia. Internally, the Aquarius Sun rules the circulation, eyesight and breath. Structurally, it controls the bones of the lower limbs. It is closely associated with the circulation of blood with a tendency toward creating impure blood as well.

The pathological action of Aquarius is towards gloom, nervousness and sensitivity leading to fixed ideas and habits that make diseases linger and persist. Aquarians are prone to heart problems, varicose veins and hypertension. Aquarius have sensitive ankles, shins, circulatory systems and are prone to allergies, cramps, sudden illnesses and freak accidents which are common for those with Aquarius active in their charts. They can also suffer from various nervous and panic disorders.

Basically, Aquarians need to take extra care of their body parts and systems that are prone to injury and sickness. They can do this by consulting with a nutritionist and a specialized doctor. Instead of simply succumbing to these injuries and ailments, Aquarians should make a constant effort to overcome them slowly. Daily exercise and the right diet should be able to help you prevent these ailments. You could also try engaging in active sports such as swimming, running, yoga, dance and even badminton. The goal is for you to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle so you can feel and look great. This may be difficult to get used to for the first few months. However, you should seek support from friends and family to be able to get through the difficult days of adjustment. As an Aquarian, you should be able to overcome these mental and physical challenges.