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When we were dating. :)

When we were dating. 🙂

First of all, thank you very much for visiting my site and blog.

Hi, my name is Rodel, I am an Aquarian and the owner of this website, beside me is my wife who is a Virgo.  We became boyfriends/girlfriends for 5 years until we got married in 2007. And I can say that I am happily married to a se-x goddess, wonderful, and family oriented woman (just like the men like).

Currently, our relationship right now is doing good, its not perfect but I can say I am truly satisfied for what God had given to me… Yes, we have some arguments, disagreements and hard times once in awhile just like any couples out there but I believe its normal in every couple or relationship.  There were times that I looked up in the air and shook my head thinking that I made a mistake of marrying her but soon after my madness has subsided I realize that I truly love my wife and cannot live without her . I cannot explain but there are some magical things happen after every time we dont agree to each other, to the point that I want to leave her. Sometimes I make her cry. Sometimes I throw and break things when I get mad. I dont know.  Who knows, what does the future hold for us after 20 or so plus years.  A lot of people say Aquarius and Virgo are not a good match but here we are, kissing each other, she’s still wearing our wedding ring and holding her hands while sleeping in one bed.

Anyway, more on about me, I am also an avid researcher of horoscopes and mostly on relationship problems that people face everyday. I love to share my online findings, discoveries and experiences with others through this blog..

Us and Marriage Councillor

Us and Marriage Councillor

Also, since I am receiving emails from visitors of this site, I have created the “Ask Me” category where in you can send to me or post your questions and answer them based on my opinion and what I think is right, knowledge, or experience..

Please take note, Im only an enthusiast, I am not expert on horoscopes, nor Dr. Phil  , nor relationship consultant or anything related. I am just a regular person just like you who went through to all types of relationships(good and bad) and managed to overcome all the conflicts and difficult situations before I found my wife.

To other visitors, if you want to add on to my comments or you just want to share, just go ahead.. I am giving you all the privilege..I am 40+ years old and still learning. Let’s learn from each other.. 🙂

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions or need technical assistance please DO NOT hesitate to contact me.  I will be more than happy if you do… 🙂

PS : If you want my response please include your email address when you contact me..so that I can email you back. Dont worry I dont spam your inbox or sell your email to third parties.. I just want to help..

Thank you again.

Here we are today

Here we are today