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How To Attract A Virgo Man: 4 Most Important Tips For Libra Woman

If you’re reading this, you might be wondering, if you have been charmed by a Virgo man? You’re probably wondering what to wear and how to act just to impress him in a short glance. Virgo man brings with him a lot of love, support and homely vibes. They are known to be perfectionists and if you as a Libra woman can stir a conversation with a Virgo, you are bound to win him over with just a few of these tips.

Compatibility of a Libra Woman and Virgo Man

libraIt is tried and tested that Libra women love being coddled. They like the tiniest efforts made by a man such as bringing breakfast or flowers when on a date. Virgo men look for perfection, they are shy and introverted but if they are in love with you, they would make conversation with you all the time.

Libra women are fashionable and keep themselves in their best looks all the time. You don’t need to overdo makeup as Virgo men prefer a more natural look and Libra women are no shy of that. Libra women often hesitate and are indecisive while the Virgo man is very determined. Nonetheless, both will almost always find common ground and find themselves on an exciting journey together. You can too by learning some simple methods as a Libra woman.

Below are the 4 key tips
  1. Appearance & Personal Hygiene – It cannot be stressed enough, just how much a Virgo man searches for perfection. For people born under this sign, the less makeup trickery, the better. He is a man after natural beauty and they are critical of the choices they make in regards to beauty. Libra women are generally always well put together and have a high fashion sense. So, this shouldn’t be a big change for you. You don’t want to wear pajamas and a tee when he calls you out. You need to pick a wardrobe that is neat, clean and suits the occasion every time.

    If you want to capture his attention, please the senses of sight and smell by cleaning and organizing your home and put on a nice subtle scent. More importantly, check your personal hygiene. They are like the CSI that scrutinizes everything – head to toe, side to side and 360 degrees angle.
  2. Don’t Display Excessive Emotions – A Libra woman is prone to empathy and can be affected by another person’s feelings and emotions. Virgo men are not fond of conspicuous emotional display. Everyone wants a matching personality and Virgo man is no different. Strong and determined personality types want someone who is not easily persuaded by her emotions and knows how to act in tough times. If you are just getting started on your first couple of dates, make sure to hasten your emotions and do not display them early on.
  3. Neat & Organized Home – Virgo men do not like mess! If you have decided to host him forvirgo dinner, you need to be sure to clean up after yourself. Make sure the place you invite him into is pristine and well organized. Governed by mercury, they are very observant by nature and will be looking at the whole house. They pay close attention to detail. So, it is advisable to not hide trash, pins, paper under your couch or behind the door. This falls in line with the traits of a Libra woman as they are also well organized and creative by mother nature.
  4. Support – Every partnership is built on support and when it comes to emotions, it is no different. Virgos tend to think a lot about their work, family and loved ones. They constantly notice flaws and can be at times insecure about some of their qualities. This is your time to be supportive and encouraging. This earth sign is also shy so you might have to be the one taking him out at times and encouraging more outgoing activities. However, do not over do it.

What it boils down to?
Virgo men are easy going and as a Libra woman you should check all their boxes at first sight, especially their search for perfection in appearance. They have a very reliable character and they do not like to display emotions. So, don’t get impatient if you are not complemented on your new dress or don’t hear sweet words. They are good communicators and as a Libra you should rely on your creative personality to create a familiarity but do not be deceitful in grandeur. Build a reliance and trust like in any friendship and this attraction will gradually grow into a blooming relation.

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