Virgo Profile

Examining the Sixth Sign of the Zodiac: The Introvert and Steady Virgo

Virgo is the sixth sign in the Zodiac and its astrological symbol is that of a virgin as you may infer. In relation, most Virgos tend to reflect the different qualities that a stereotypical virgin may possess. In general, they lean more towards the introverted side of the spectrum as they may be shy and cautious most of the time. Virgos place an importance in their alone time and find peace and happiness in it. Even the most outgoing Virgos might not be as sociable as you may think and it just goes to emphasize the kind of person he or she is. Also, as mentioned, they are very cautious people and do not like getting ahead of themselves in certain situations. They like to play things safe and learn a lot about certain things before diving in. This can also be applied with how they deal with other people. They will not open up until they are certain of the person and that they can be trusted.

Because of this kind of profile, Virgos obviously do not fall in love very easily. To outsiders, they may actually seem very picky and fickle minded. Of course, they are like that for a reason as they would only want to be with someone whom they are truly compatible with. More often than not, they will look for more intellectual beings rather than being drawn by the physicality of relationships. The bonds that they are looking for are very deep and serious as they are very passionate when it comes to relationships. They want to seek something with meaning and find someone who will make them feel fulfilled and not just empty.

If it just so happens that you do end up with a Virgo, you are in luck because they will live very good and fruitful lives. Because of their characteristics, they tend to naturally be thrifty as they see the importance of spending wisely and not extravagantly. As mentioned, they do not splurge or succumb to spur-of-the-moment desires. They take their time and make sure their decisions, financially and other wise, are worth their while.

In terms of talent and ability, Virgos have been known to lean towards the fields of science and research. Because of this, Virgos tend to excel when it comes to medicine, puzzle and word games. The analytical nature of their hobbies also shows that they seek perfection in the things they do. You can expect Virgos to not give up until they are content with their skill level or mastery of a particular activity. For the same reasons, Virgos have the potential to be very successful in their lives although their knack for perfection can also be their downfall. If they couple their focus with their naturally introverted selves, it can easily scare away those around them and some may find it difficult to get along with them. Regardless, Virgos know what they want and they will work for it and seek to perfect it at every given opportunity. They may be very reserved and calculating in their demeanor but they make up for that in their passion and determination to reach their goals.

When it comes to Virgos, it is very easy to misconstrue them as unfriendly and very guarded. Although it is somewhat true, most of the time, they are really just cautious and need time before they can truly open up.