Virgo Likes And Dislikes

To Like or Not to Like for a Virgo

One of the things a Virgo likes is his or her individuality and independence. Virgos are very passionate likes and dislikesbeings and like using their analytical minds to process their surrounding before moving into actions. In this way, they are very reserved people who treasure their personal space and thus put a premium on the individuality and independence. Although their utter reliance on their own analytical point of view may hinder them from being open to different experiences, it was what drives them and makes them happy. In turn, what they do not like is being in overly social crowds that do not understand the way they operate and think. They may find it irritating and annoying to be with very spontaneous and loud people who do not give themselves room to think before acting. As a consequence, it is important to give Virgos their space and give them time to do their own thing before engaging with them. Remember, their personal space is very important to them and if you keep that in mind, you will have a better chance of getting along with them.

Another thing a Virgo likes is puzzles and other brain teasing games. Because of their constant need to think things through, their craving is usually satisfied by an intense session with brain teasing games. Word puzzles and the like are usually their choice of genre but almost anything that will challenge their intellect may very well be satisfying for them. For the most part, when they play a game, they will want to see it through and finish it no matter what the cost. Not being able to finish a game is like giving up and no reaching their goals which is not acceptable to Virgos. They do not like or dislikes things half-baked and must always finish what has been started.

Among other things Virgos will probably like is anything that does not ask them to act prematurely or without knowing what is in store for them. Activities that need a lot of thinking and brain power will definitely please them and will hit their sweet spot. On the other hand, they will almost always not like activities or people that rely more on intuition and less on logic to make decisions and rationalizations. In this way, a Virgo’s likes and dislikes are very clear cut and it is not hard to see what activity will be favorable or not.

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