Virgo In A Relationship

What is a Virgo like in a relationship? Tender, devoted, and nurturing, Virgos make wonderful companions and lovers. They give a lot, without expecting much in return. Great communicators, they are ready and willing to talk, and perceptive enough to understand when a conversation is needed. The only problem is attracting a Virgo in the first place.

A Virgo does not give over their heart easily. Practical by nature, love is reserved for a sure shot. Virgo is not one to fall for someone at a whim, especially if there is potential for heartbreak. The loners of the zodiac, they often hesitate in meeting new people, and actually enjoy their own solitude more than the crowded bar scene.

What will gain a Virgo’s favor then? Down-to-earth and reserved themselves, those born under this sign of the zodiac are attracted to a more outlandish, original, creative character. In this way humanitarian Aquarius and philosophical Pisces can be fascinating partners, and will likely be able to carry on long, in-depth conversations about the meaning of life or how to save the world, which interest the altruistic Virgo. A Virgo tends to be concerned with the greater good, with the welfare of others, and will find comfort in someone who feels the same way.

What is it like dating a Virgo in a relationship? Walks in the park, going out for coffee, a movie and dinner; quite peaceful and reassuring, as long as their insecurities and natural jealousies are not awakened. Virgos value honesty above all else, so the most essential thing to do when dating one is to be yourself.

When dating a Virgo it is important to be sensitive to things that they will not like. A thoughtful compliment will go a long way; excessive affection may make them uncomfortable. They will be turned off by an overly flirtatious and showy nature, especially one that is trying to attract the attention of others. Virgos themselves are hardworking and meticulous, so try to make the effort to be on time and show your own commitment. A Virgo will work hard and make sacrifices to make a relationship work, and patient as they are, they deserve the same in return. Love your Virgo truly, and they will always be there for you.