Virgo Characteristics And Personality

No Such Thing as Perfect? Try Virgo

The virgin is what is symbolized by Virgo and directly connected to it comes the sense of calm, calculating reservation. This is basically what Virgos are like and it can be seen in the many of their characteristics.

Virgos are very spontaneous people. They like biding their time and assessing situation before getting into them whole-heartedly. They like zooming out and looking at the big picture then slowly moving in and meticulously examining the smaller details. Because of this, their actions are very precise, deliberate and focused. They do not exactly tolerate procrastination or excuses because they assume that things have been premeditated. For this reason, Virgos have a difficult time understanding other spontaneous people. If people act irrationally or in a way that is not logical, Virgos do not see the sense in their actions.

Because of this mindset that Virgos have, their exteriors show them as very reserved and calm. They seem to be analyzing each and everything they see but because of this need to constantly think and analyze, there is a huge internal struggle. There is a constant striving to take control of everything and take everything into account before acting. With so much happening at any given moment, there can be pure chaos inside Virgos in their efforts to put everything into logical order so they may make the best possible choice.

If you sum up all the recent characteristics mentioned, you can easily infer that Virgos definitely are perfectionists. They strive to put things in complete logical order no matter how big a challenge it is. The benefits of this characteristic are that they can focus very well and do not need extra motivation when it comes to work and other activities. They will work hard and not stop until they reach their lofty goals that they set for themselves. Unfortunately the disadvantages are that they can be difficult to be around and even harder to understand. Because most of their issues are internal, it is difficult for people to get close and really get a feel for their emotions and thoughts.

Virgos do have their unfavorable characteristic such as constantly being depressed. When you look at it, their depression could possibly be a side effect of how they are. They constantly think of everything and they have difficulty getting along with others. At some point they will surely feel their loneliness and misunderstood selves which can easily lead to depression and other symptoms. Also, Virgos may tend to be quite pessimistic since their logic would rarely state otherwise.

In a nut shell, Virgos possess characteristics that are a double-edged sword. There are many good things that can come out of their super determination and focus but there are many dangers in being like that. Things can easily come undone for them and when things are not in their control anymore, they can easily fall into depression and hopelessness. In order to resolve this deadly pitfall that Virgos face, they have to be able to put their focus and determination into something that will also do them good. That is probably why they go into medicine because they can put their focus to good use by helping people out thus saving them from the path of depression and loneliness. It is possible that they may find refuge in helping and being with others without sacrificing their natural passion for logic and focus.

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