Virgo And Home

Virgo House Rule Number One – No Mess Please!

Virgos are very reserved people and will never go for extravagance and unnecessary luxuries. At home, this personality can clearly be seen. You cannot expect a Virgo to have a super sized mansion with ultra expensive furniture and other over the top items. Even if they have the wealth to acquire that kind of house, they will most likely just settle with what works. Furniture around the house will be good but never too much. The house itself does not necessarily have to be fancy. For Virgos, it is always function over form and their actions and what they purchase will clearly show this. They will forgo the silk sheets for simple cotton ones because there might not be that much of a difference anyway. They may forgo the fancy sports car for one that saves up on gas and is environment friendly. The key mentality to Virgos is practicality and it they will make sure that it is seen all over their homes.

As far as house arrangement goes, Virgos will stick to tried and true layouts that make things easily accessible to those who live in the house. There will not be any weird looking stairs or funky rooms in the house because they do not have any real practical use anyway. The living room will most probably not have tiger skin carpets or fifteenth century sofas. Just remember that when it comes to a Virgo, simplicity is always the key and they will always go for the most efficient route.

Their attitude in the house and how they treat it also goes hand in hand with their personality. Virgos are meticulous perfectionists. They will want everything to always be in working order. The furniture always has to be arranged and in place, the house has to be cleaned with vigorous regularity, any kind of mess around the house has to be addressed immediately along with other things. Also, if something is broken, it must be repaired right away. This attitude keeps the house in very good working order and can be attributed to the focus and attention to detail that Virgos innately have.

Sometimes though, their attention to detail can hinder them from fully relaxing in the comfort of their own home. Rules such as not eating in certain areas of the house may be implemented along with several others. In the end, it may also be the Virgo losing out on that extra comfort that would have been gotten if only the house rules were not so tight and controlling.

As you can see, the downside to Virgos at home is that the potential level of comfort that you can supposedly receive will probably never be reached because of the imposing rules that may be set. This may be remedied though if the Virgo is paired up with another partner that can show that it is possible to stay practical and simple while still enjoying the messier things in life. It may be difficult to convince a Virgo but it is possible.