Virgo and Health

Virgo: The Sign of Healthy Living

That which lies under Virgo is the sign for health which means that Virgos are innately predisposed to taking very good care of themselves. Because they are very goal oriented, this mindset also carries over to how they take care of their bodies. They set goals in terms of health and fitness and do everything they can to stick to it. Virgos are very determined and focused people so once they set their mind on something, they will really go for it with everything they have. For example, once a Virgo sets a goal such as a target body weight, all will be done to ensure that the target weight is reached. A Virgo will go through great lengths to achieve this by researching and asking about what can be done. A Virgo will look for information and resources to learn how that goal can be attained. If it requires strict dieting and avoiding certain luxuries then it will be done as long as it helps in attaining the goal in mind.

For Virgos, it does not matter if the regimen to reach a certain level is not fun or interesting. The comfort is found in the fact that the regimen, workout or diet will help him or her reach that goal. As you may have noticed, it is more about the function of things when it comes to Virgos. The pleasure, style and comfort of things take a back seat as long as there is practicality, effectiveness and efficiency in what is being done.

Another aspect that keeps Virgos health conscious is their meticulous attention to detail. Because of this, they address each and every health concern in their body immediately. They take caution to all the signs and symptoms that could lead to disease. Consequently, their lifestyle is affected because they adjust their diets according to what is the healthiest and most practical to eat given their budget. For example, if tomatoes were found to reduce all cancers by half, you can expect Virgos to incorporate more of that into their meals.

In spite of all the health conscious efforts of Virgos, there is one trait that contradicts all this and that is the sheer determination to go after a certain goal. At times, the desire to reach a certain goal overpowers everything else including one’s own health. In this case, health takes a back seat and it does not matter if the diet is not followed, if not enough sleep is had or whatnot. When it comes to Virgos, the first priority is the goal at the top of the list. Everything else will most probably be sacrificed to attain that goal.

Overall, Virgos are very healthy people and you can count on them to take care of themselves. There are just those few cases, as mentioned, wherein everything else including health is sacrificed for one singular goal. Although, they cannot be blamed for it because it is that same driving force that allows them to stay healthy all the time.