Virgo and Career

Looking at the Careers of a Virgo

Virgos are very individualistic people. They thrive when they are alone and they give importance to these times of recollection and refocus. They are very determined and are highly motivated when specific goals are set forth. Unfortunately, they are also very reserved and do not mix easily with crowds or other people. They tend to take awhile before they warm up to strangers and would rather not have to meet new people. They have very specific wants and needs and they do what they can to attain them at whatever cost. This drive makes them very hardworking as well as they can persevere through tough and stressful situations as long as they are slowly creeping towards their goal.

Given those characteristics, Virgos are much better off as employees rather than leaders. As employees, they are given the opportunity to work individually on projects or one on one with clients. This gives them room to focus all their efforts without being bothered by third parties. The reason they are not that suitable as leaders is because they are not always very good when dealing with people. Leading is all about dealing with people and sharing a passion and motivating them, leading had no individual aspect to it so it obviously does not appeal to Virgos.

The kinds of careers that Virgos may go for, as mentioned, are those wherein they can immerse themselves individually. One example is a career in the finance industry wherein analysis of market trends and number crunching is vital. The kind of focus, perseverance and hard work required to succeed in that kind of career is quite suitable to Virgos. They can work alone, for as long as they want and do things their way without anybody disturbing them. Also, finance is a lot about logic and quantitative analysis which is exactly where Virgos supposedly excel in.

Another career is into medicine because of all the knowledge that is required to become successful. Being buried in studies and constantly learning definitely appeals to the individualistic mind of a Virgo. It allows them to dedicate themselves solely to a profession without having to deal too much with other people.

The career paths that would most likely appeal to the Virgo are those that do not involve a lot of human resource management or public relations. The work that Virgos would enjoy is the kind that is ruled by logic and absolute information. This is because they like analyzing and processing information while adhering to strict rules. This makes a lot of sense because naturally, a Virgo’s personality is quite rigid as he or she seeks only perfection at all times. Certainty and practicality are key driving forces in a Virgos life which is why these are the career paths that would be most suitable.

Thus, when it comes to Virgos, you can expect them to do great things as long as their line of work fits them correctly. Otherwise, you may run into certain problems that you would rather avoid. Generally, where ever Virgos land, there natural determination and focus can overpower all their other negative traits and take them to new heights and success in their lives.

Other best career for virgo: agent, teacher, writer, critic, scientist, doctor and nurse