Characteristics of Virgo Male

The Realistic yet Imaginative Virgo Man

If there is something that can aptly describe a Virgo male, that would be his energy and foresight on the need to concentrate on the finer details of life. It is thus not at all surprising to see the Virgo move methodically forward in his chosen path through life.

This seeming obsession for perfection can be flawed at times especially when things not go according to plan. In such a very rare case, the Virgo will most likely experience extreme anxiety and thus become nervous and edgy. Rather than immediately address the obsession, the Virgo will often go into the finer details often losing track of the bigger picture. This sends the Virgo man into a vicious cycle of spending more and more energy and resources on relatively unimportant matters and less often on matters that are really important.

Generally though, the Virgo male is able to manage this compulsion and obsession for perfection that he is able to occasionally relax and be considered delightful. He is nonetheless gentle, helpful and sympathetic which makes him a very good friend to have. His practical and logical approach to things can come in handy in certain situations as does his down-to-earth attitude, making sure that his feet are firmly planted on the ground.

Ever the perfectionist, he strives punctuality and quality of workmanship in any undertaking. His healthy lifestyle focusing on personal cleanliness and hygiene is firmly grounded in the recognized need to maintain order, balance and harmony with his environment.

The Virgo man is an intellectual, often with sharp memory with keenness for details that is especially crucial in cognitive activities. His level of independence is difficult to duplicate because his intellectual capacity and imaginative and creative nature allows him to get many things done himself. Reliability, dependability, responsibility and accountability are significant personal and professional characteristics of the Virgo man making him an ideal employee, a good business partner, or simply a trusted spouse or partner.

The Virgo man is also a diplomat and a good mediator, able to settle other’s disputes in an organized and peaceful manner. His creativity in looking for alternative solutions to problems as well as his critical thinking abilities comes in handy in such endeavors as investigations, researches, interrogations, and law enforcement.

As a friend, the Virgo is a bit picky because he spends more time analyzing another person’s true nature before jumping into the friendship arena. As a lover, he is more practical and realistic rather than the romantic, prince charming type of partner. Modest and shy, the Virgo man is usually tamed and seldom expresses his love despite his critical nature. The Virgo man takes a lot longer time to develop relationships but when they do have one, he is a loving and a loyal partner.

As a father, the Virgo man is demanding and responsible, often teaching his children the value of living an honest and truthful life. Good manners, proper conduct, and discipline are inculcated early in the minds of the children of the Virgo father.

Despite this loving and practical nature of the Virgo man, he can be very critical at times, often to the point of being fussy and harsh. Friendships and business relationships can turn sour when he starts finding faults in others. Sometimes, too the interfering, inflexible and conservative nature of the Virgo man can greatly affect how people see him.

For the friendly yet reserved Virgo man, relationships are a must as long as they do not test his personality.

Generally, the Virgo man is an honest, loving and down-to-earth guy who can be a devoted and loyal partner, a careful dad, a competent employee, and a dependable business partner.

What attracts a Virgo Man?
If you’re eyeing a Virgo man, do not forget to check your physical appearance first. Virgo men are typically neat and well-coordinated. So make sure your clothes and shoes match, your hair is in style and you smell really nice. Do not be loud but listen to what this man’s gotta say as he can be very sensitive when ignored. Virgo is known to be a perfectionist and he will implement this even in relationships. What you have learned in Good Manners class will be very useful in dating a Virgo guy.


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