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Capricorn Best Compatible Width
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The Best Compatible For Capricorn

People born under the Capricorn Sun Sign are very discriminating and finicky about their romantic prospects. They have the tendency of asking potential lovers various questions, and are often viewed as rather intimidating concerning love matters. However they deeply believe in love as one of the most important aspects of life, thus capricorns are somewhat seriously minded in that issue. They are not just prone to falling into a whimsical love state. capricorns are not dazzled by those considered loud, flashly, or generally overbearing. Love is life form them at all costs. Others might interpret them as being standoffish, however they view this as protecting themselves against lovers who are inconsistent with their romantic natures.Typically, the capricorn women desires to glance from a distance, before initiating approach to a potential lover. She needs assurance that any person who associates with her, is of good charater, and reputation. She will not be coupled with a person who has skeletons in the closet, who is prideful, possesive, easily moved to jealousy, or controlling. She also demand that her potential lovers have a great amount of intellect. a partner with little education, or sophiticated life skills, will have no luck with her in any capacity. She desires brains over brawn in all romantic suitors.

As for the capricorn man, he desires a partner with a brain as well. partners who are simple minded he will avoid. he favors good intellectual discussion, fine arts, and gourmet foods. he is more likely to take his lovers to an art gallery, than a rock concert. He also desire sophistication, grace, and a partner with a good background. his lovers must not be competitive, bossy, loud or overly assertive. Slow and steady is the approach, which lights the spark for him. she must have all the qualities of a princess Grace.

Their best love matches are:

Taurus. Taurus will show a deep respect for capricorns serious nature, and their ability to think romantically is straigh forward state of mind. Capricorn admires Taurus strength as far as personalty, and physically driven sexual attention. These two are almost perfect. Both have a clear vision of what lovers should be like in every aspect. Jealousy will never be an issue between them. Neither is frivolous with their romantic resources.

Virgo. Both of these folks are very orderly, and organized. They appreciate each others ability to work hard at the relationship, and neither becomes emotionally frustrated, with shortcomings, because they mutually seek solutions, which results, in building more passion, and romantic fulfillments. virgo will have many subtle surprises for Capricorn, who will respond in greater romantic ways. These two are paasionate in a very quiet manner to those around them.

Scorpio. Scorpios sensitivity and Capricorns emotional support will result in a thrilling relationship. Scorpio provides strength to balance the intellectualism of capricorns nature. They do thing in a slow manner, allowing sexual passion to build into a fiery love affair Both are believers in high accomplishment. Both see their relationship as a vital romantic building block, upon which their house of love will never falter.

Pisces. Although Pisces lives primarily in the mind, Capricorn will appreciate this persons imaginative, and innovative romantic nature. Pisces will be able to mix both the "out of the ordinary" romantic concepts along with an intellectualism which excites Capricorn. The stability of capricorn will provide the perfect ballast for Pisces highly ethereal nature. A wonderful matchup.

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