Aquarius Traits

The Dichotomy of Aquarians

Personality Traits
Aquarians can be categorized into two distinct types. The first type can be described as patient, gentle, sensitive and shy. While the second type can be described as an exhibitionist, is livelier, exuberant and uses frivolity to conceal different aspects of their personality. In spite of their apparent differences, both types still possess strong wills and firm beliefs in their convictions. One of the great traits Aquarians have is their ability to set aside biases when it comes to hearing different sides of a story. Due to their steadfastness and belief in upholding the truth, they are always willing to listen to the different points of view.

Love Traits
When it comes to love and relationships, Aquarians struggle to balance the emotional aspect from the mental patterns they are used to. Usually, when Aquarians are in a relationship, they always seem to keep an arm’s length from their partners just to ensure they still have the time and space for themselves. If you are dating an Aquarian, don’t even think about playing mind games because they will not put up with it for one second.

The only thing that matters to them is the truth and being honest about everything. They would probably rather hear bluntness rather than get caught up in a dramatic feud between torn lovers. The reality of relationships for Aquarians is that it isn’t the number one priority. Their concerns are more focused on the problems of society and the world.

Being jealous is not synonymous with being an Aquarian. But while they may tolerate flirting to a certain level, they might as well let a lover go than start being green-eyed. Also, Aquarians are not romantic in the sense that they are not demonstrative. They won’t be all too verbal either. You may be disappointed about not hearing “I love you” but you’re sure to have someone listen to you after a bad day. After all, your Aquarian is, foremost, your best friend.

Positive Traits
Aquarians possess a number of positive traits. They are considered to be very friendly and have a natural humanitarian aspect about them as well. Hence, they aren’t the type of people to judge someone by their social class, looks or religion. Furthermore, you can also trust them to be genuinely loyal and honest to their superiors and peers. These are vital trademark traits of Aquarians because they are closely linked to their dignity and pride. They will never compromise their morality and ideals for anything. The reason why Aquarians are such pivotal movers and shakers in society is due their creativity and originality. They aren’t scared to think out of the box and will do whatever it takes to get the task done. And lastly, one of the most amiable traits Aquarians have is their independent and intellectual nature. They are truly in a league of their own and they do not succumb to conformity and bandwagon trends.

Negative Traits
On the other hand, Aquarians also possess a couple of negative traits as well. Their intractability and perverseness are oftentimes frowned upon by their peers. Moreover, their tendency to become detached and unemotional makes them unbearable to be around with at times due to their cold personality. The difficulty with the negative traits of Aquarians is that they want you to either accept them or avoid them. They will not accommodate you just because you aren’t pleased with their personality. This is why at times, Aquarians tend to get singled out in conservative groups.