Aquarius Symbols And Signs

Aquarius Symbols, Logo, Emblems, Lucky Numbers, And Famous Aquarians

Unlocking the Mysteries of the Aquarian Emblems

The lucky numbers of Aquarians are one (1), eleven (11), seven (7) and fifty six (56). The birth stone of Aquarians is a Blue Sapphire. Its crystal structure is hexagonal and its chemical composition consists of Corundum or aluminum oxide. Its hardness is 9 MOHS and has a refractive index range of 1.762 to 1.77. Sapphire comes in the colors blue, green, pink and clear. The blue sapphire birthstone is believed to be able to remove the evil effects of Saturn, which is the ruler of Aquarius. Some people claim that the stone has mystical powers that can bring up the status of the user from all sides.

Blue sapphire is also known as “Neeam” and is also believed to be able to stop long term misfortune. Some say however that you should be wary because it could also react in a negative way. If you want to have happiness, longevity, wealth and health, a blue sapphire is supposed to attract these positive energies. On men, blue is considered to be the color of wisdom. While on the other hand, blue on women stands for diligence or jealousy in love. Although blue sapphires can also be yellow, they also bring fame and wealth into your life. It also improves fertility for barren women and can also bring bliss, joy and love too women as well. Moreover, sapphire cures ulcers, fainting, fits, mental disorders, virility, deafness and baldness.

Aquarian colors are predominantly considered radiant and exciting; such colors are neon shades of green and blue and electric purple and blue as well. On the other hand, Aquarian flowers include pansies, moss, sorrel and hemp. Furthermore, Aquarian trees consist of ash, rowan and pine. Aquarians are born between the twentieth of January and the eighteenth of February.

If you are an Aquarian and you want to make the most out of your zodiac emblems, you should try incorporating them into your life. You can do this by wearing your Aquarian colors more often or you could pick your Aquarian numbers as well. By embracing your zodiac sign with open arms, you will be able to let in positive energy into your daily lifestyle. You can also pay close attention to your daily horoscopes so you can heighten your awareness of the things going on around and within you.

Ultimately, your zodiac sign is simply who you are in a nutshell. However, this doesn’t mean that you should feel constrained and restricted. In fact, it should be able to motivate and inspire you more to find the best version of yourself. Just like horoscopes are merely there as stepping guides, your emblems are only there to help you create a positive environment for yourself. Just remember that all you need to do is be good to your body by keeping your mind, body and soul in tune together. Your body is a temple so you should treat it with respect and utmost care. If you treat your body right, good things will come to you eventually.

Names Of Stars In Aquarius or Famous Aquarians: Michael Jordan, John Travolta, Eddie Van Halen, Bobby Brown, Placido Domingo, Gene Hackman, Ronald Reagan, Babe Ruth, James Dean and Oprah Winfrey.