Aquarius Profile

Aquarius Individuals: The Intellectual Free Spirits Trying to Save the World

Known to be independent free spirits, Aquarius individuals are considered to be the ones who create change and start revolutions. In fact, they are far from being conservative. Seemingly detached from the real world, Aquarius individuals give an impression of being distant and aloof. They are difficult to comprehend because of their ability to appear like they are from another world.

Considered to be generous to friends and loved ones, Aquarius individuals constantly express their compassion through caring acts of kindness. Although they tend to disappear at times and revert into their own worlds, they are still very dependable friends and will always make it a point to make a friend feel better until things have gotten better. The great thing about Aquarius individuals is that they are not closed-minded. Instead, they welcome different trains of thoughts and ideas, leading to their own unique mindset. Their originality inspires other people and this is one of their strong characteristics as well.

The problem with Aquarius individuals is that they have difficulty adapting to change. Being an air sign, this signifies that they are a fixed sign, which makes it hard to be flexible. They also tend to be overpowering when it comes to other people due to their desire for sole control. Another negative trait of an Aquarius individuals possess is stubbornness. Even if they are wrong about something, they will still insist that they are right. It is nearly impossible to convince them to accept their failures and short-comings.

Aquarius individuals are very particular about being able to breathe, figuratively and literally speaking. This is why you will probably notice them constantly opening windows to let fresh air in; an indicator of how much they dislike closed spaces. Furthermore, Aquarius individuals are prone to physical injuries in their shins and ankles so they must take extra caution whenever they are engaging in sports or simply exercising. There is a tendency for them to appear self-absorbed however this is only due to their self-belief that they can accomplish great feats. When it comes to medication, they would probably pick alternative medicines over traditional ones. They have a keen sensibility on how to treat themselves and are often on the right path.

Passionate and steadfast, typical Aquarius individuals always aspire for a career that can make them better people and keep them happy as well. They are often found in careers that require intellect or social awareness. That is why there are a lot of Aquarius individuals who join politics in hopes of making concrete change in society. Basically, these kind of people want to make changes for other people to benefit from but often exclude themselves in the process as well. They are extremely hard-working and always excel but at the end of the day, money is their second priority. For Aquarius individuals, their lives and careers are simply all about proving their worth and capability. They do not need to become rich to show what they are made of. The degrees and changes they accomplish are their own personal trophies.