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Aquarius Likes and Dislikes

Non-Conformist Lovers and Conventional Authority Haters

Aquarius individuals like specific things and people. Moreover, they are often drawn towards being recognized and famous. This is important to them because they feel like there is pleasure in being commended in the public eye. Another thing Aquarius individuals enjoy doing is contemplating about themselves. Although this may seem conceited to other people, for them, it is just their way of improving their entire being. This is also probably why they value their privacy so much. Since they are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, they would rather keep to themselves instead of allowing people to judge their opinions and actions.

Amidst an Aquarius individual’s intellect and practicality, they surprisingly take an interest in magic, dreams and rainbows. This mystical side makes them all the more intriguing and faceted. They also enjoy experiencing surprises, eccentricity and change. For them, these all pave the way towards self-enhancement and growth, which they place a lot of value in. One of their guilty pleasures would be consumer gratification using a credit card. Knowing that they have to pay for their credit card bill motivates them to work harder as well. Furthermore, they also get a kick out of telling people what to do and seeing them follow their orders. This just goes to show how Aquarius individuals feed off power trips at times.

This is probably why Aquarius individuals surround themselves with friends who are weird and eccentric. Because of their rigid personalities, they need to be around people who can put up with their quirks as well. Although they don’t object to owning a credit card and paying bills, they always make it a point to live within their means. This is where their logical sensibility surfaces and their judgment are as sound as ever. All in all though, Aquarius individuals enjoy thinking of the past and having fun with like-minded individuals.

On the other hand, they also dislike a number of things and people as well. Since they are firm believers in logic and restraint, Aquarius individuals express disdain towards intimacy and emotions. They also don’t like people who show off and really hate being taken for granted as well. Since they like being able to move freely, they would rather not be completely pinned down, which will hinder them from exploring the world. Being social justice advocates, they are completely against fighting and violence. True pacifists by nature, they would rather settle things through a dialogue so both parties can understand each other’s problems. Moreover, Aquarius individuals are known to be self-sufficient and make it a rule of thumb not to take out loans or borrow money from people. This is their way of upholding their integrity to themselves. Since they are constantly trying to change political governments and social injustices, they also dislike conventional authority. This is why some Aquarius individuals become radicals, socialists, communists and even extremists. Ultimately though, Aquarius individuals don’t like an ordinary life and people trying to imitate other people.

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