Aquarius Characteristics And Personality

The Generous Thinkers

The characteristics of Aquarius lie in the universal man known as the water-bearer, which symbolizes the community of mankind. People who fall under the Aquarius sign often come up with big ideas that stem from an unrestrained mind. There is a common misconception that Aquarius falls under water signs. However, it actually falls under the intellectual air signs. This is why most people who are Aquarius are often interested in ideas and concepts. Due to their natural intellectual tendencies, they are able to make sound decisions instead of getting swayed by their emotions. There are times when this may make the Aquarius individual come off as cold and heartless. But this is only because they are more inclined to doing what’s sensible and practical.

Furthermore, people who fall under the zodiac sign, Aquarius are known to communicate well with other people in a mental and intellectual level. However, when it comes to sharing deep emotions, this isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do for them. Aquarius individuals tend to gravitate towards political groups, social action and public service groups. Albert Einstein once said: “Great spirits have often encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” This best describes an Aquarius individual since they are often known to know everything but at the same time, this also hinders one from being truly happy. People who fall under the Aquarius zodiac sign need to learn how to detach themselves from their radical ideas and learn how to value what’s important in life. Also, they need to be able to control the way they take criticism without being too hard on themselves.

Since the element of an Aquarius is air, this basically pertains to movement. A single thought is probably the most efficient movement between two points and this fits an Aquarius perfectly since they are known to be thinkers. Above anything else, the thing they value the most is their intellect. Since they think rationally and know how to make people understand where they are coming from, it is easy for them to persuade other people as well. Even if they may appear to be distant at times, whenever they start talking about their beliefs, people are bound to stop and listen.

They key planet of Aquarius is Uranus, which represents the unique and eccentric occurrences and things in life. At the same time, it is also connected with short-lived brilliance. Uranus is known to be able to let go of hidden tensions with ease. Being the main planet of Aquarius, it is the reason why they are compelled to fight social injustices and exercise the freedom of expression.

Hence, Aquarius individuals stand out in society due to their generosity in terms of material possessions, advice and knowledge. They radiate with creativity and brilliance, drawing people near them. One of the best characteristics of an Aquarius individual is that he or she gives more than takes.

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