Aquarius and Work

Aquarians as Altruistic Workers

Since Aquarians are extremely selfless and think more about the welfare of others than themselves, they would most probably join non-government organizations and trade unions just to be able to help other people. And even if this may also stem from the search for personal glory and fulfillment, it cannot be denied that Aquarians have an innate desire to help other people better their situations and lives. They accept the reality that their goals in life may well be beyond their reach. However, the resiliency of Aquarians is simply unwavering.

Furthermore, Aquarians feed off challenges and difficulties. Instead of dreading conflict, they embrace it fully and expect that there will be trials and difficulties ahead. When they set their sights on a certain goal, they will move heaven and earth just to get the job done. Aquarians are such motivated and driven individuals that the only thing they see is the finish line. It doesn’t matter how long and arduous the road is to get to their destination. The will power and human spirit of an Aquarian is just unfathomable.

If you’re looking for an Aquarian in the corporate world, you’re looking at the wrong place. The few Aquarians you will find sitting in an office desk is probably brewing up plans to revolutionize the company he is working for or has a hidden agenda to boycott the abuses the company has been doing in terms of outsourcing underage child laborers. Aquarians are not the type of people to waste time slaving away just to be able to take out a mortgage or buy a fancy car. All their time is spent on trying to make a difference. That is their way of life; their work is their pursuit to make the world and society a better place.

A typical Aquarian worker could be an artist, astrologer, astronaut, environmentalist, writer, politician or even an inventor. When you enter an Aquarian’s office or work space, don’t expect to see expensive interiors and high-tech gadgets surrounding all four walls. Instead, you will probably see a lot of plants and books on various topics. There will probably be a comfortable couch for an Aquarian to entertain his/her visitors. Moreover, an Aquarian that owns a car will either be driving an eco-friendly vehicle or probably just bike or walk to work.

Basically, an Aquarian’s work and career is centered on the foundation of improvement in society and human beings. They will exhaust all means to be able to find solutions to the world’s problems and issues. An Aquarian politician will go against majorities just to be able to pass bills on making the less-fortunate a priority over ridiculously high budgets for travel summits. An Aquarian writer will dedicate all his/her efforts in being able to spread the word that racism and poverty should be eradicated. Hence, Aquarians are not merely social workers, they actually more of modern-day heroes.