Aquarius And Home

The Home of an Aquarius is One’s Own Little Space

Since Aquarians tend to get caught up in their own little worlds and personal passion projects, you can expect their homes to be a hodgepodge of books, artifacts, paintings and scholarly notes. For a single Aquarian, you can expect a scattered disarray of belongings all around the house in a sort of intellectual and poetic mess. This is because for an Aquarian, the idea of neatness and design within a house is merely secondary to one’s efforts to try to make reforms in the government or in society.

When it comes to Aquarians who are married with wives however, this is a completely different story. Aquarians often leave the house arranging and designing to their wives. So you could expect a Victorian-inspired house to even a Mediterranean fused interiors in an Aquarian’s home. The only thing an Aquarian really cares about in terms of such domesticated matters are his personal belongings, namely: his notebooks, working paraphernalia, books and perhaps documentaries that are required for his research. All you have to do is picture a scholarly-looking individual sitting in a leather chair with stacks of newspapers and magazines surrounding his study. Amidst the clutter, numerous awards and diplomas are laid on the walls, all beaming with pride and glory.

There is a distinct vibe when you enter an Aquarian house. Instead of feeling the usual warmth you expect to feel from a suburban villa, you will probably feel a chill of sophistication and a tinge of condescension. Right when you step inside the house, your first impulse might be that you’re in a museum or a prestigious university lobby. It’s difficult not to feel daunted and a little uncomfortable in an Aquarians house. However, once you start glancing at all the books of philosophy, religion, history, human rights and the art of war, you will realize that the house of an Aquarian is simply a reflection of the owner. Slowly, you will begin to feel in awe and inspired by the accomplishments of the owner of the house just by being around his humble abode.

Furthermore, when an Aquarian is at home, he or she spends most of their time in their study. Aside from that, they only stay in their bedroom to sleep, go to the bathroom to bathe and go to the kitchen to simply take their meals. Bottom line is that their favorite and most personal part of their house is their study because this is the place where they accomplish their triumphant victories. There can be days and weeks when an Aquarian would stay locked up in their study, continuously going over their notes and cases that need to be worked. Especially when they are in their element, they cannot be stopped. Sometimes, they will go on sleepless nights with just a pot of coffee and a pack of cigarettes to keep them going. This is what it is like to be in a house with an Aquarian.