Aquarius and Career

The Poignant Aquarian Career

Aquarians aren’t the type of people to pursue careers that are focused on becoming rich and powerful. Although they enjoy being recognized, the one thing that sets them apart from other people is that they feel the need to make a difference in the world. For them, their work is another extension of themselves. It is not just something they need to do to sustain their lives. In fact, they don’t even think about the monetary compensation. All they want is to be able to use their talents for the common good and to help uplift Mother Nature as well.

One career that could fit an Aquarian perfectly is being a weatherperson. Since they are highly intellectual, predicting the weather is ideal for them. If there’s one thing Aquarians enjoy doing, it is researching and thinking. With all the satellite images, technology, historical date and data bases involved in weather prediction, Aquarians will be in their element. The idea that they can actually help save lives and help people plan out their days is already the compensation Aquarians get from this kind of job. Even if they mostly on call every single day, you won’t hear them complaining. They would probably even ask for more work.

Political Activist
Another career an Aquarian would be perfect for would be being a political activist. With their gripping need to make a difference in society, Aquarians will be able to do a lot of good by organizing rallies and meetings to defend those who have been afflicted by the government. This kind of work environment is erratic and can be potentially dangerous. However, this is exactly what Aquarians live for. They want to be able to make a difference and even if that means risking their lives and reputations, they are willing to put it all on the line for the sake of the truth and the common good.

Social Worker
Probably the most common career an Aquarian will be ideal for is being a social worker. With this kind of work, they will be able to focus their efforts directly at being on call for those people who are victim to abuse, poverty and political enslavement. Since Aquarians tend to avoid emotional attachments, this sort of career makes it easier for them to help people without having to delve too much into the personal feelings of the victims. Basically, they just want to be able to offer the help needed by the victims.

Conceptual Artist
Another career option an Aquarian has is being a conceptual artist. Although this type of career may seem like a little overindulgent even for an Aquarian, this is probably the most abstract way an Aquarian can express oneself. However, we must not forget that their intentions are still good. With their art works, they can share their views and opinions about a whole range of topics; from politics to social reforms. The art they create is merely just a medium to convey their inner thoughts that are poignant for them.

Other Career
Computer related, Engineering, Electrician, Inventor and Humanitarian