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About Aquarius Female

The Tumultuous, Yet Unique, Aquarius Female

The female members of the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius, are often internally chaotic. Despite stability in their own personal beliefs, the Aquarius female is considered to be quite spontaneous in their actions and behavior. Aquarian women also possess specific tendencies that lead them to be very stubborn in nature. If their own personal beliefs or ideals are questioned, they will fiercely defend their stance, regardless of whether or not they are wrong. They enjoy adhering to their personal, independent way of conducting life. The positive aspect of this behavior is that the Aquarius woman is also aware that others are entitled to have an opinion, and will respect that admission by remaining tolerant and attentive. This Air sign's turbulent nature also results monetarily-inclined tendencies.

Aquarian females enjoy spending money, and will do so often. Many of these expenditures include modern technology products or investments. The Aquarian female is also extremely faithful. They stand by their partners and friends through thick and thin. But, on the other side of the spectrum, they enjoy their independence a considerable amount, and will feel claustrophobic if their liberty is stripped from them. They definitely do not enjoy being bossed around, by any means. Unfortunately, a small amount of Aquarian women take these tendencies too far, and believe that concepts that deviate from their reality are wrong and different. Their need for independence is complimented well by a realistic state of mind. They are well-versed in common sense, and often use that to their advantage.

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