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A Capricorn Woman

A Capricorn Woman is a beauty wrapped in mystery, wrapped inside an enigma. A woman born under the Capricorn sign is is very conscientious of her outward appearance, both emotionally and physically. While she may be concerned with appearing ladylike and confident in public, the Capricorn woman is quite likely to have much inner turmoil. She may call it "being sensible", but her gloominess and pessimism run much deeper. They are triggered by anxiety about the present, shame over her past, or even a suspicion that maybe she is somehow inadequate. A Capricorn will not accept teasing lightly. As a rule, they will find it impossible to see the humor in teasing when they're the victim of it. You don't have to bury a Capricorn woman under a mountain of compliments. However, when it comes to important matters don't tease her or make light of them. And make sure you praise her often enough to show that you know her true value.

She will most likely view her home as a refuge from the turmoil of daily life, and will want to keep it organized and neat. While a Capricorn woman is most likely shy and an intensely private person, she is also very interested in love. A Capricorn will not flirt for fun, and takes relationships very seriously. However, Capricorns are said to be one of the most loyal, deep and passionate lovers, once you are trusted to be let into her inner circle.

A Capricorn woman will want to be assured that she will be taken seriously, will look for a long-term commitment, and value both her own privacy and her partner's faithfulness.

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