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Why this website was created?

Before I say something about this website, let me give you the reason why this website was created.

One time, when I went to the library, I stumbled upon this book something like “What Your Birthday Reveals About You” lying on the table where I was sitting while killing some time I opened it out of my curiosity. Then I checked my birthday meaning, there it talks about my personality, my character, my strengths, weaknesses and how to change it and make it as a good opportunity to improve. And what stuns me, is, it also talks about my health, possible health conditions, food that I want and should avoid, likes and dislikeslikes and dislikes, and even talks about where Im allergic to. I said “Wow”. I was amazed and fascinated. It all talks about me. How in a world this book knows about me?

So, I went home and thought about creating a website related to horoscopes and maybe I could help some people improve their lives by knowing their strengths and weaknesses and at the same time making this website as their guide for their astrological and horoscopes informational needs.

About MyAquariusVirgo.Com

Our website provides information mostly on two zodiac signs Aquarius and Virgo. It is because the owner is an Aquarian and my wife is in the sign of Virgo. Nevertheless, we also have some interesting videos to watch and articles to read related to relationship such as Ways To Tell A Guy Likes You, health, and beauty ,  and many more. Please do check it out from time to time as we add articles as the day goes by.

Furthermore, you can also check out their Daily Horoscope and for today’s horoscope, love, romance and flirting as well as career and money.

Send Us A Note:

For hardcore astrology and horoscopes fanatics and enthusiasts out there, if you have any suggestions that we can put in to this website, please don’t hesitate to contact us. In fact, we will be glad if you do. You help us, you also help others provide relevant information.

We will do everything within our power to make this website as the no. 1 source of informational needs related astrology and horoscopes. If not, one of the best. 🙂

In the future:

We will also be adding more features, more sections, links to relevant websites, downloadable ebooks for free, as well as interesting information for other horoscopes and a lot more.

So feel free to bookmark or share with your friends about MyAquariusVirgo.Com if you find this website useful.

How Can You Win The Heart Of An Aries Man

The God of Masculinity

aries manThe Aries man is truly a man’s man. He is tough like a nail especially towards life. He likes very feminine women who understand that he and he alone wears the trousers in the family. Aries loves intelligence and beautiful things and appearances. However, a superficial surface will not keep him interested if it is not backed up with sparkling intellect.

No Half Stepping for Aries
Life, love and outlook is an either or, situation. There is no grey area, only black and white. The Aries man wants a partner who can keep up. The two will spark from the beginning or not at all. While Aries likes his women feminine in appearance and presentation, he wants her to think like a man when it comes to organization, finances, and daily living. She needs to be able to take control, yet know when to step aside and let him take over command. Continue reading…

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How To Seduce A Capricorn Man And Make Sure You Get The Attention You Want

The quickest way to be rich without a lot of effort is to marry someone predisposed to making money. Capricorn men capricornfit that bill nicely. They are driven to become the boss. They are suited to become bureaucrats, CEOs or heads of their own organization. Capricorn men are ambitious, prudent, disciplined and patient, all traits necessary for achieving financial success in life. However, they are also exceedingly stingy and miserly. Once they have money, it’s going to be tough to get them for a share or get some part of it when the relationship ends. But, if you are determined to catch one, you need to learn the process for interpreting Capricorn men.

The Capricorn man is probably the most serious in the Zodiac. He is completely trustworthy, confident, strong willed and calm. In other words, he is a rock. Continue reading…

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We'll be together forever?

hi just i want to tell you that i fall in love she is born on 25/12 and iam 07/01 so both are same sgin.just i want to know that futer we will get merreid in our life eachother we will be together forever with love and if we are merreing how long it will take just to know from you my love life its true with me or not

thank you




Hi Sai,

Its really hard to tell.. I know what you feel…I was like you before but only time and God can tell…There are times that even if you have done everything, if you are not meant for each other, there’s nothing you can do… There are times you will end up falling in love or marrying with somebody you already know.. Could be a long time friend, could be her best friend, or your classmate before.. who knows.. Life is full of surprises.. just do everything to make your relationship lasts.. 

Wishing you all the best 🙂



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About Aquarius And Virgo :)

I just want share this one…. It made me smile a little bit :):) .. For Me (As an Aquarian), this is so true 🙂 hehe .. just be your own judge…

Zodiac Personality Type

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A New Virgo In The Family

Hi folks,

This is the reason why Im not answering your emails or not posting to my blog. Meet our newest member of the family (Virgo – Sept 2, 2011).  Just as much as I want to reply to all your emails, I will do my best to have all your questions answered the soonest possible but it will take a little bit of waiting as my time and energy are spent looking for all the care he needs.

My Virgo Son


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